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Sylvester Stallone: See the Action Icon’s Net Worth

Sylvester Stallone: See the Action Icon’s Net Worth

Sylvester Stallone is perhaps one of Hollywood’s best examples of self-made success, and he has the net worth to back up those punches. Of course, the veteran action star wrote his first major check by penning Rocky.

Following a series of minor roles, Stallone took matters into his own hands and ventured into screenwriting. His script for Rocky captivated producers, but the idea of Sly himself playing the lead role was met with skepticism. Famously, the studio wanted a name actor in the titular role.

Stallone has said he was offered $300,000 to give up the rights to Rocky and not play the lead. But the savvy entrepreneur stood his ground and accepted a lower payment, knowing the immense potential for success it held. His unwavering determination paid off when the movie earned a staggering $117 million. The entire six-part Rocky franchise has grossed an impressive billion dollars worldwide, according to Business Insider.

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Stallone’s impressive filmography of over 60 movies has generated a staggering $2 billion at the box office. As a result of these numerous successes, combined with his recent TV hits, Sylvester Stallone’s net worth stands at a remarkable $400 million, according to CelebrityNetWorth.com.

How Did Sylvester Stallone Build His Net Worth? See the Numbers…

Of course, Stallone’s net worth isn’t simply from his Rocky and Rambo glory days. In the past few years, Stallone has consistently generated significant profits. He earned a whopping $15 million for his role in The Expendables 3. However, he decided to leave the franchise after the fourth installment and accepted a reduced role in Expend4bles for $3 million.

Sly’s recent TV ventures have added considerable stacks to his net worth. In 2022, Stallone took on his first leading role in a scripted TV series, Tulsa King. He played mob enforcer Dwight “The General” Manfredi in this captivating crime saga created by Taylor Sheridan, the mastermind behind Yellowstone. Tulsa King quickly captivated audiences, earning it an eagerly awaited second season. Stallone’s remarkable performance garnered both acclaim and a substantial fee of $1 million per episode.

In 2023, Paramount+ debuted The Family Stallone, a reality show that follows Stallone, his wife Jennifer Flavin, and their daughters: Sistine, Sophia, and Scarlet. This candid series offers a lighthearted look into the daily lives of the Stallone family, including the complexities of dating with a protective father who is a cinematic legend.

At 77, Sylvester Stallone shows no signs of slowing down. Tulsa King is set to return for a second season in 2024. Meanwhile, on the film front, Cliffhanger 2 is currently in pre-production.