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Sylvester Stallone Reaches Out to Young Fan Battling Cancer in Heartwarming Video

Sylvester Stallone Reaches Out to Young Fan Battling Cancer in Heartwarming Video

Footage of Sylvester Stallone encouraging a young fan battling cancer is warming the hearts of fans across the internet. In the clip, Stallone, clad in workout gear, is hitting the gym, before he pauses to speak to the screen. Meanwhile, his child fan, Luis, is seen at the bottom of the screen, jaw agape at the sight of his idol addressing him.

“And as you can see, I’m in the gym working out,” Stallone begins as Luis covers his mouth in unbashed joy. “[I’m] trying to get stronger for my next fight, and you’re probably saying, ‘Oh, he has gray hair. Maybe Rocky is getting too old to fight’. Well, there’s different kinds of fights, Luis, many different kinds, and the toughest fight like Rocky says is life because no matter how hard you punch, life punches harder, but you gotta get up.”

Stallone ends his message to Luis on a note of hope. “You got to punch and go down swinging and never give up… because you never know. You just might land that lucky punch on life’s chin and knock him out. So never give up. Never give up. Never give out.” The Rocky legend shared the video on Instagram.

Sylvester Stallone’s Message to His Fan Battling Cancer Moved Instagram Users

Stallone captioned the video with an equally inspiring message: “Life can hit hard, but like Luis, we never give up, never give in, and always #KeepPunching!”

Of course, fans were quick to flood Sylvester Stallone‘s Instagram post with more words of encouragement for the fan struggling with cancer. “You are so sweet to do this for this kid and giving back the way you do,” one Sly supporter wrote. “Never give up, stay strong and positive and always take care of yourself. Legend,” another fan wrote.

Finally, one fan agreed with Stallone’s message of hope. “Brought a tear to my eye, That was beautiful! He’s 100% right,” they continued. “Never give up because you just never know!”

Meanwhile, the action icon recently reenacted a famous Rocky scene with another young fan. During the inaugural “Rocky Day” in Philadelphia, 9-year-old Ro Knight had the opportunity to meet Stallone and recreate one of the character’s most memorable scenes from the movie franchise.

Knight approached Stallone while he was posing for photos with fans in front of the celebrated Rocky statue as part of the city’s festive celebration. “Let me tell you something that you already know,” Knight belted out to Stallone. “The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows…” Knight delivered the iconic speech from the movie Rocky Balboa, sometimes joined by Stallone. A sizable crowd watched in awe. Sly shared this epic moment on Instagram.