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Watch: Sylvester Stallone Looks Back at His Epic Career in First ‘Sly’ Trailer

Watch: Sylvester Stallone Looks Back at His Epic Career in First ‘Sly’ Trailer

Sylvester Stallone is taking a look back at his stellar career while also focusing on his family in a new documentary. Netflix has released the first trailer for Sly, which gives people a behind-the-scenes look into Stallone’s life.

“What is healthier? To live under the illusions and then still have a glimmer of hope that you could’ve been great or blow it and realize you’re a failure,” Stallone says in the trailer.

As it opens, we get a look at Stallone as a younger man with a quick current-day photo. But there are a number of flashback photos and video clips, too. This includes one that looks like it came from his high school yearbook.

Viewers also will see that Stallone says he gave up on acting. Why? Because so many people saw him as “uncastable.” That’s when Stallone shifted some of his energy toward screenwriting. He understood about the power of the pen, as he calls it.

When talking about his family in this trailer, Sylvester Stallone appears to be apologizing for not being there for them as much as he could have. “Put things before your family, and the repercussions are quite devastating,”

In the trailer, we do see Stallone and his wife Jennifer Flavin. Also, we get a quick view of one of his kids leaning down to kiss him in the hospital. Stallone, according to this trailer, has recognized how important family is to him. “Without the love of wife or children, what’s this?” he asks.

Sylvester Stallone Shows Clips, Photos From His Past

Interspersed throughout the trailer are photos and clips from the Rocky movies as well as Rambo action movies. “These are pictures of something that never existed,” he says. Stallone adds that he is in the hope business. Sly will be available on Netflix on Nov. 3.

For Stallone, he has a number of acting credits to his name. Yet he has learned that being a screenwriter and producer of movies provides him with longer staying power.

Early in his career, Stallone took bit parts in movies and television shows. One of his early gigs was on the CBS police drama Kojak starring Telly Savalas. In that episode, Stallone played a young officer who killed a young boy. He claimed that he saw the boy take a shot with a gun.

As it turned out, the boy didn’t have a gun on him at all. Stallone’s character gets sent to work desk duty. But he’s itching to get back on the streets. At one point, Stallone’s character confronts Kojak about it. The wise lieutenant tells the hotshot young cop to do as he was told. A climactic scene at the end of the episode lets Kojak tell Stallone’s character that they know what really happened here. It leads to Stallone being forced off the streets.