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Suzanne Somers Once Gave Kathleen Turner a Hilarious Gift on the ‘Serial Mom’ Set

Suzanne Somers Once Gave Kathleen Turner a Hilarious Gift on the ‘Serial Mom’ Set

Suzanne Somers was iconic for more than her acting. She was also a prolific pitchwoman, squeezing the Thighmaster into a cultural phenomenon. Now her Serial Mom costar Kathleen Turner is remembering Somers, who passed away Sunday, and how The Three’s Company actress gifted her with the leg toning device. “Two weeks after we wrapped the film I received a Thighmaster from her and she signed the box,” Turner told People. “I laughed so hard. She made us all laugh.”

Of course, Suzanne Somers wasn’t just in the famous commercials for Thighmaster. She was also an early investor in the hugely successful exercise product.

Suzanne Somers had a small, but hilarious scene in ‘Serial Mom’

Serial Mom, a cult classic written and directed by John Waters, follows the story of Beverly Sutphin (Turner). She’s an ordinary housewife with a dark secret: she’s a serial killer. In the climactic final scene, Beverly faces trial for the murders she committed throughout town. Spoiler: Surprisingly, she is acquitted by the jury, which includes Patty Hearst, who ironically wore white shoes after Labor Day.

In Serial Mom, Suzane Somers plays herself. She has been cast to play Turner’s character, Beverly in a TV movie. Somers shows up in the courtroom, hoping to meet Beverly. However, Beverly has slipped out to take down Hearst for her fashion faux pas. After Beverly mercilessly beats Heast to death with a phone, Somers asks for a selfie. As you might have predicted, the serial killer isn’t too keen on having her picture taken. As Sommers directs Beverly on the best camera angles, the demented housewife cracks. “Suzanne Somers,” Beverly bellows, “this is my bad side!”

As Somers is confronted, a shocking discovery is made: the juror’s bloodied white pumps. Suddenly, it becomes evident to everyone, including the hilariously bewildered Suzanne Somers, that Beverly is undeniably guilty. “I have to say that last shot when she looks up after [the] killing, her face cracked everyone up we had to do more takes,” Turner recalled. “She was so funny,” Turner added. “We couldn’t stop laughing. She was game for anything.”

Despite Iconic TV Roles, the Thighmaster is Credited For Somers’ Massive Wealth

Somers passed away just one day before her 77th birthday. Her publicist, on behalf of the actress’ family, stated that she peacefully departed at her home. “Suzanne was surrounded by her loving husband Alan, her son Bruce, and her immediate family,” the statement added. “Her family was gathered to celebrate her 77th birthday on October 16th. Instead, they will celebrate her extraordinary life, and want to thank her millions of fans and followers who loved her dearly.”

Somers rose to fame through her Three’s Company role and became an icon to another generation for her role in the 90s sitcom Step by Step. However, her investment in the Thighmaster made her massively wealthy.