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Suzanne Somers’ Husband and Son Share Details About the Late Actress’ ‘Peaceful’ Final Days

Suzanne Somers’ Husband and Son Share Details About the Late Actress’ ‘Peaceful’ Final Days

Following the death of Suzanne Somers, the late actress’ husband Alan Hamel, and son Bruce, opened up about her “peaceful” final days.

While Somers’ family spoke to Entertainment Tonight earlier this week, Hamel discussed how he was doing after the Three’s Company star passed away over the weekend. She had been fighting cancer on and off over the years. 

“I have my family around me and have had since this happened,” Hamel explained. “And they haven’t told me this, but I think there was a plan: ‘Make sure he’s not alone.’ And I love that.”

Suzanne Somers’ husband then stated that when he thinks about what has happened, he loses it, but then quickly regains it. “And it’s probably going to be that way for a while until things settle down,” he noted. “But I lost half of me.” 

Somers’ son Bruce pointed out that he and Alan were in a “bubble” after the actress died. He noted he considered it a special time because they were all together. “Today, the overwhelming outpouring of love from everyone is heartfelt, but it’s a whole additional wave of emotion as well.”

Bruce went on to add that he appreciates everything his mother had done for her fans. “Yesterday, she was just mom, and today she’s back to being Suzanne Somers in everyone’s eyes. And I appreciate that.” 

Alan Hamel Says He Was in Bed with Suzanne Somers at the Time of Her Passing

Suzanne Somers passed away in the early hours of Sunday (October 15th). It was just one day before she was to celebrate her 77th birthday. She was surrounded by her loved ones at the time of her death. 

“I was with her in bed at 5 o’clock in the morning, and so it was peaceful,” Hamel said about Somers’ passing. “And I was glad that our whole family could come and see her. It was a beautiful experience.”

Hamel also recalled him and the rest of the family not getting much of a response from Somers during the final days of her life. “She wasn’t talking at the end,” he continued. “The last couple of days she stopped eating, stopped talking, wouldn’t take her medicine, and we didn’t know if she was alive or not.”

However, Suzanne Somers was responding to one thing, which was her husband kissing her. “When I kissed her, she responded, kissing me back,” Hamel confirmed. “And I knew that she heard what I was saying.”

Hamel concluded that the family knew Somers’ final day would come, but he didn’t think he would be there to witness it. “We thought it would be me [first] because I’m 10 years older than Suzanne.”