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Suzanne Somers’ Daughter-In-Law Reflects on ‘Beautiful’ Memories With Late Actress

Suzanne Somers’ Daughter-In-Law Reflects on ‘Beautiful’ Memories With Late Actress

Honoring her mother-in-law Suzanne Somers in the sweetest way, Caroline Somers added a touching tribute to the Three’s Company star in her new cookbook, Served: From My Family Table to Yours. 

People reports that in the opening acknowledgment of the book, Caroline declares that Suzanne Somers’ contribution to her life is too vast for a paragraph in the cookbook. “You picked up the pieces of my shattered maternal history and put it back together,” Caroline wrote. “You nurtured me, you taught me, you believed in me and you provided a beautiful life for our family. I love our history of cooking together. It’s one of the greatest joys of my life.” 

Caroline also shared that she and Suzanne made “too many” Thanksgiving feasts and “amazing” family meals to count. “We connected in the kitchen – rubbing elbows, tasting, and tweaking along the way,” Caroline continued. She also pointed out that Suzanne made the best soup of anyone she knew. “The keys are her homemade stock, her ability to season with just the right amount of salt, and the garnishes she adds to give it that extra special something.” 

Suzanne Somers Couldn’t Help But Gush About Her Daughter-in-Law’s Cooking 

Caroline Somers is notably the wife of Suzanne’s son, Bruce Somers Jr. Suzanne once described Caroline as being one of the best cooks she knew. “I like to think I taught her a thing or two in the early days,” Somers wrote in a statement prior to her passing. “But now she’s surpassed me in the kitchen!”

Suzanne Somers added that she’s lucky to have eaten every recipe in Caroline’s new book. “I’m telling you, the flavors will knock you out!” 

Also in her cookbook, Caroline stated she admired her famous mother-in-law for her cooking skills. “I have a lifetime of delicious memories of her talents in the kitchen,” she added. “She understands flavor. She calls it ‘the balls’ and that’s what I love about her.” 

Suzanne Somers passed away in the early hours of October 15th. She had been battling breast cancer on and off for more than 20 years prior to her death. She died one day before her 77th birthday. The Step By Step star’s family honored her by throwing a special birthday celebration days later. Somers’ husband, Alan Hamel stated that the late actress was “crazy for cake.” 

Hamel went on to add that he was grateful for all the memories he had with Somers. “I mean, I’m a big-city guy from Toronto, and she’s a small-town girl from Northern California. What are the odds of these two people meeting? But we’ve met, and for that, I’m grateful.”