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Suzanne Somers’ Cause of Death Revealed

Suzanne Somers’ Cause of Death Revealed

Actress Suzanne Somers passed away on October 15th at the age of 76. Somers had been battling breast cancer for over 23 years prior to her passing. Her family celebrated her 77th birthday just one day after her death.

Authorities have now confirmed the exact cause of her death. According to The Blast, Somers’ official cause of death listed on her death certificate is “breast cancer with metastasis to the brain.” It’s also stated that Sommers had hypertension (high blood pressure) and hydrocephalus, or a buildup of fluids in her brain.

Suzanne Somers’ Son Shared Touching Tribute Online

Days after her passing, Suzanne’s Somers only child, Bruce Somers Jr., took to Instagram to post a lovely tribute to his late mother. Along with a picture of the two, Somers Jr. shared the love and affection that he had for his mother with the world.

“She soared higher than most can dream,” Somers began. “She protected those who didn’t have a voice, she asked the questions most didn’t know to ask, she shared her challenges and brought light to solutions. To so many, she was a brave warrior who articulated their fears. She wasn’t fearless, but she faced them so we could learn. She was a friend, a wife, a sister, a daughter, an entertainer, an icon, and a legend. But to me, she was just Mom. I had the privilege as the only person who could call her that.”

“Growing up, it was us against the world. And then she took the world by storm. It’s always too soon, no matter how prepared we may be. But she will live through me as she taught me to be kind, to be present, to love and be loved, to care, to express, and to always speak from the heart… Because THAT is the voice of God. Mom, you left me with all the tools, though I’ll still need your guiding spirit around me. I feel you and know you are there. But I will miss your sweet hand and caring eyes that would look deep into my soul for verification that everything was okay.”

“Thank you for being the best mother any son could ever dream of,” the grieving son concluded. “I miss you already. Call me greedy, but 57 years wasn’t enough. And yet, I received more love than I could ever imagine. I love you so dearly. Happy Birthday on what would have been your 77th birthday. Please gorge on all the birthday cake you want while you make all the other angels sing, dance, laugh, and cry. Today, Heaven is lucky.”