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‘Succession’ Star Alan Ruck Crashed His Truck Into LA Pizza Shop, Internet Can’t Stop Laughing

‘Succession’ Star Alan Ruck Crashed His Truck Into LA Pizza Shop, Internet Can’t Stop Laughing

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off star Alan Ruck has found himself trending on social media after he crashed his truck through a pizza shop wall.

As KTLA reported, the 67-year-old was involved in a multi-vehicle crash at Los Angeles’ Raffalo’s Pizza on Oct. 31 around 9 p.m. Surveillance video shows Ruck’s electric Rivian pickup truck read-ending a car that was stopped at a traffic light before driving into another vehicle and finally crashing through the wall of the restaurant.

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured. But three people suffered minor injuries, and one man went to the hospital. The Los Angeles Times said neither Alan Ruck nor anyone else involved was arrested for driving under the influence. Whether or not Ruck was driving while intoxicated is still unclear.

The incident has since made waves on social media, thanks to the high-profile driver. And people can’t help but make light of what could have been a serious situation.

“His dad’s gonna be so pissed,” one person wrote on X, connecting the iconic Ferris Bueller scene where Ruck’s Cameron sends his dad’s Ferrari GT crashing through his garage window.

No One Was Seriously Injured in Crash Involving Alan Ruck

Another person noted how surreal the situation must have felt to the employees, saying, “This would be one of those scenarios where I’d think it was a dream. You’re just on shift, a truck crashes through the wall, and f**king Alan Ruck gets out.”

The comment is fitting considering Raffallo’s owner, Tim Ratcliff shared that “The whole building shook.” And he “thought a bomb or something had exploded.”

Another Ferris Bueller fan posted a video of Cameron singing, “When Cameron was in Egypt’s Land/ Let my Cameron go.” Along with the clip, they captioned, “Alan Ruck be in a cell like…”

All jokes aside, however, Alan Ruck reportedly handled the situation carefully and empathetically. According to witnesses, per the Los Angeles Police Department, the actor was more worried about the others involved in the crash than himself. And he immediately went to their aid.

TMZ also reported that Alan Ruck willingly remained at the scene of the crash while the damage was being assessed.

As of now, there are few details about the cause or details of the crash as it is an ongoing investigation.