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Stone Cold Steve Austin Films First Cold Plunge Gone Hilariously Wrong

Stone Cold Steve Austin Films First Cold Plunge Gone Hilariously Wrong

Stone Cold Steve Austin joined in on the cold plunge fad and was left stunned, leaving the internet in stitches. To those out of the loop, cold plunging may seem like a crazy idea. But those brave enough to take the plunge in frigid lakes, the ocean, or even their own ice baths, discover a world of transformation for their mind and body.

Former WWE superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin finally took the plunge himself, with profanity-riddled footage of the dip making it to X (formerly Twitter). In the nearly two-minute-long clip, Austin is seen struggling to simply get waste deep in the small pool located in his shop.

After a series of colorful expletives and whistles, The Expendables star attempts to say his intro to the video. However, the extremely frigid water throws Austin off, as he starts and stops the intro three times before finally stumbling through it.

“Hey, what’s up everybody Steve coming to you from the Broken Skull Ranch,” Austin begins through chattering teeth. He then reveals what might be his first mistake for his maiden cold plunge voyage. “I’m about to do my first cold plunge and renew therapy. [It] says 43 degrees right now. So I’m sure the water is sub-50. I was going to start off at 50. It’s gonna be a little bit colder than that.

Steve Austin then attempts to dip a bit lower than his waist into the water. “And now we’re going three minutes here,” he declares. However, the standard three minutes proves to be far more than Austin can handle. The former wrestler barely manages to get down to his chest for several seconds before tapping out. As Stone Cold Steve Austin flees the plunge, he declares, “Gonna revisit this [expletive]”.

Fans Were Quick to Weigh in on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Aborted Plunge

Of course, X users were quick to evaluate Stone Cold Steve Austin’s cold plunge attempt. “Steve Austin hating the cold is irony within itself,” one fan joked. Another fan suggested Austin should have gone with his more on-brand liquid to plunge into. “Beer, not water lol,” they quipped. “Bro was “stunned” by the cold,” another fan agreed.

Some viewers may be left questioning the benefits of a cold plunge. Scientists have a clear understanding: Cold is indeed one of the most powerful natural stressors, triggering profound physiological responses within us. It reportedly helps sore muscles recover and helps mental focus. Many advocates simply enjoy the discipline it takes to put yourself through the daily ordeal.