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Stephen Colbert Extends ‘Late Show’ Absence Following Medical Emergency

Stephen Colbert Extends ‘Late Show’ Absence Following Medical Emergency

It looks like Late Show host Stephen Colbert is going to need more time to recover from his appendix surgery. Colbert went on social media on Sunday and said he’d be out this week, too.

“I’m listening to my doctors and continuing to rest and heal,” Colbert wrote on Threads, Us Magazine reports. “Thank you for all your well wishes and I’ll see you soon.”

The previous week, the Late Show also canceled all-new episodes that were going to be taking place at the Ed Sullivan Theater. “I’m sure you’re thinking, ‘Turkey overdose, Steve? Gravy boat capsize?’” Colbert wrote on Threads on November 27. “Actually, I’m recovering from surgery for a ruptured appendix.”

Stephen Colbert Thanks Doctors and Family For Support

In this post, Colbert thanked his doctors, wife Evie, and their kids “for putting up with me” as he recovers. “Going forward, all emails to my appendix will be handled by my pancreas,” he quipped.

Colbert and McGee-Colbert got married in 1993. They have three children: daughter Madeline and sons Peter and John.

So. this week’s Late Show guests included Mark Ruffalo, Nicki Minaj, Sara Bareilles, and Sarah Paulson. They will not be appearing and will be rescheduled. The Late Show will run a week full of reruns instead.

Before exiting his show for a bit, Colbert welcomed David Letterman back for a visit. The former Late Show host made his first visit as a non-host to chat it up with Colbert. They spent some time talking about Letterman’s son Harry, who is now at college. The two hosts also shared observations about their own experiences as hosts of the show. While Letterman is not on regular network TV, he stays active with a recurring Netflix show.

Colbert let Letterman sit behind the desk for a quick minute. They re-enacted their look from a previous selfie Colbert took just before taking Letterman’s spot for good.

Before taking Letterman’s seat on The Late Show, Colbert made a name for himself by hosting The Colbert Report on Comedy Central.

Taylor Tomlinson Named As Host Of Colbert-Produced Show

Recently, Colbert announced that comedian Taylor Tomlinson will be the host of After Midnight, which will follow the Late Show on CBS. Colbert will be one of the show’s executive producers. “I’ve never had a real job … I’ve been doing stand-up since I was 16, which is not a job,” Tomlinson said while appearing with Colbert on his show.

“I’m 29 so if you don’t know who I am, don’t worry. I barely know myself,” Tomlinson said. She recently celebrated her 30th birthday. Look for After Midnight to start up in early 2024.