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Snoop Dogg Reveals Why He Gave Up ‘Smoke,’ Fans Are Ticked

Snoop Dogg Reveals Why He Gave Up ‘Smoke,’ Fans Are Ticked

When Snoop Dogg broke the Internet with his announcement that he was giving up “smoke,” people could not believe it. For years, Snoop Dogg has been a part of the “smoke” society, if you will. “Why did he stop?” That was a burning question. Yet there were a few who were ahead of the game on Snoop’s news. Fans were informed on Monday, thanks to an advertisement Dogg filmed for Solo Stove, that Snoop was not going without his “smoke.”

Once this news did get out, fans didn’t hold back in their responses. One fan wrote, “Come on Unc… All this for an ad?” This fan was in his bag, but alas, something went wrong. “Snoop I threw away 5oz of weed because I wanted to be like you. I’m suing.”

Here’s an interesting take from finance publisher Investor Turf. They wrote on Monday, “We didn’t write any ‘lifestyle’ articles on this because our editors were suspicious of the wording. ‘Smoke’ instead of ‘smoking,’ Snoop Dogg had the world’s stoners questioning their life choices for this ad, which was hilarious.”

Snoop Dogg Praised for His Advertising Prowess

Author and broadcaster Jemele Hill wrote, “This is one of the most brilliant marketing plans I’ve ever seen. I guess all those people who thought they were quitting smoking weed in solidarity with Snoop can resume their normal activities”. WWE announcer Kayla Braxton said, “Awwww Snoop Dog got us! He’s still all about that puff puff pass”.

This person was amazed by Snoop’s tactics. “was out here thinking he had health problems and he was just selling a smokeless fire pit. Snoop got us all.” This person was looking at the marketing strategy for Snoop Dogg and his new company. “Snoop said he was done with ‘Smoke’. And this is why education is so important. Not once did I think Snoop was done with ‘Smoking’. It literally screamed walking advertisement. Some of y’all fall for any and everything on these apps.”

Longtime fans of Snoop Dogg understand that smoking is just a part of him. And fans are still giving it to Dogg. This person’s blunt reaction probably represents many people’s thoughts about Dogg at this time. “So Snoop Dogg lied to us”.

Then there’s this fan who, again, comes up with an amazing speech. “Snoop Dogg had the whole world and stoners rethinking they life when he ‘quit smokin”. this mf was just doing an ad.”

We close this look at the fan’s reaction with one man pretty sure they were “on” to it from the start. “Anybody with a functioning brain should’ve known he was lying.”