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Snoop Dogg ‘Giving Up Smoke’ in Shocking Announcement, Posts Photo

Snoop Dogg ‘Giving Up Smoke’ in Shocking Announcement, Posts Photo

Snoop Dogg announced on Thursday that he’s giving up smoking for good and fans are going out of their minds. Snoop headed out to Instagram and Twitter, where he posted an announcement. It was simple, straight, and to the point.

Let’s take a look at what he said to the world.

“After much consideration and conversation with my family, I’ve decided to give up smoke,” Snoop wrote. “Please respect my privacy at this time.”

Fans of Snoop know that he has spent a lot of time and money in creating his “own world.” He’s been a hitmaker around the world. Plus, he’s not hidden the fact that he loves to smoke a lot.

Upon hearing this, one fan wrote, “Today isn’t April Fools day Snoop.” Obviously, some people cannot believe this is happening in the world of music. Another person said, “This is probably just gonna be some viral campaign where he launches his own line of vapes or edibles or something”.

Are Edibles Up Next for Snoop Dogg?

Watching out for Snoop Dogg to have his own line of edibles now takes shape. On Twitter, a lot of people are saying the same thing. “Snoop switching from smoke to edibles like my mom just did” is this other comment on Twitter.

Fans of Snoop’s music know that he has been including smokes forever in what he’s doing. It’s interesting to see what does happen with Snoop Dogg. If he can stick to being off smokes, then what replaces them? Maybe it’s time for the edibles to take over.

Yet this fan thinks that Snoop is simply being more concerned these days with his health. “Health above anything else. Snoops setting a great example to everyone. Respects,” the fan wrote.

Twitter account Apex Brain tossed in their thoughts. “Even icons like Snoop Dogg show us that it’s never too late to embrace change for personal growth. Let his decision to give up smoking inspire us to evaluate and improve our own habits for better health and well-being.”

Now, as some people have alluded to, this might be a marketing ploy to get people to buy his edibles. Yet it will be hard to see Snoop Dogg on stage or out in public without his familiar smokes. There’s been a sweet relationship between music and smokes for a long time.

Quitting smoking is not an easy thing to do. After all, there is an addictive quality to it. Some people fall on the lines of needing that nicotine rush all the time. Yet there are people who have found healthy alternatives to smoking.

Here’s wishing the best for Snoop Dogg on yet another interesting adventure for the musician.