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Silent Film Icon Clara Bow Back in the Spotlight Thanks to Taylor Swift

Silent Film Icon Clara Bow Back in the Spotlight Thanks to Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has released a track set list for her new album, The Tortured Poets Department, and one of them is titled “Clara Bow.” Swifties may not yet be able to make a connection between Bow and Swift. When the record comes out, hopefully, we will get more clarity around using Bow’s name.

Who, though, is Clara Bow? She just happened to be one of the most successful movie stars in the 1920s. Bow was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1905. With her mother institutionalized with mental health issues, Clara was raised by her father. He abused her and when she was old enough to enter a beauty contest, she did. Bow won and headed out to be a movie star in Hollywood.

Clara Bow Found Herself as the Life of the Party

While making 46 silent and 11 “talkie” pictures, Clara Bow developed a reputation as a party girl. Being in Hollywood, there was enough gossip going around about her. Probably Bow’s most famous movie happened in the 1927 film It. Bow plays a shopgirl named Betty Lou, who wants to sweep her boss off his feet. People saw this movie and gave her the moniker “It girl.”

There’s no doubt that Bow loved to party down with the stars of that day. Daisy De Voe, Bow’s former personal secretary, was indicted in 1931. Charges included stealing jewelry, money, and some of Bow’s personal letters. Those got out to the media, and rampant stories about Bow’s life featured salacious details. The letters show Bow speaking of love and of drinking alcohol, which was back in the days of prohibition, too.

An ensuing trial and life’s pressures simply hit Clara Bow hard. The issues were too heavy for Bow and she landed in a sanitarium. She also retired from all forms of acting. At 60 years of age, Bow suffered a heart attack and died in 1965.

Taylor Swift Fans Wonder About New Song, “Clara Bow”

Speculation already has kicked in about what in the world Taylor Swift is talking about in “Clara Bow.” One similarity between Swift and Bow is that they’re under intense public scrutiny. And unless you have been living under a rock, then you will know Swift is dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. She’s been attending Chiefs games this season, cheering on her man from a private suite.

Taylor Swift also is coming off a banner night at the Grammy Awards last Sunday. She picked up the fourth Album of the Year honor for her work on Midnights. In doing so, Taylor Swift broke a record held by her, Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, and Paul Simon.

Also, during the Grammy Awards ceremony, she announced that her new album would be coming to her fans soon. She now has 14 total Grammy Awards to her name.

For those football fans who decry Swift’s appearances at NFL games, she will reportedly be flying from Japan after a concert there. The travel logistics are a nightmare. If everything goes according to plan, Swift will arrive in Las Vegas with hours to spare.

With Swift’s interest in Kelce and his career, Swift’s legion of young fans has reportedly been watching more NFL games this season. Football experts see these new fans as a way to bring the NFL to younger people.