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Shannon Wilcox, ‘Dallas’ Star, Dies at 80

Shannon Wilcox, ‘Dallas’ Star, Dies at 80

Shannon Wilcox, star of Dallas and Se7en, has died. She was 80. 

The character actress passed away in Los Angeles on Sept. 2, according to her daughter, actress Kelli Williams, per The Hollywood Reporter. However, the family opted to keep the death out of the public until Nov. 3. 

Wilcox appeared in dozens of hit series and movies throughout her four decades in the industry. After getting her start with a guest role in Starsky and Hutch in 1976, she went on to appear in shows such as Hawaii Five-O, Hart to Hart, Magnum P.I., and In The Heat of the Night. Shannon Wilcox also had roles in major movies like Karate Kid, The Other Sister, Runaway Bride, and The Princess Diaries

Shannon Wilcox Was Part of the Sundance Institute’s Inaugural Group

The actress was born in Ohio as Mary Kay Wilcox. She moved to an Indiana farm, where she spent the majority of her childhood, with her two sisters, Caudie and Janny, and brother, Bob. Her first dream was to become a dancer, and she pursued that passion after moving to Paris shortly after her high school graduation. She later decided to switch careers to acting, and she moved to Los Angeles to study film. 

Shannon Wilcox earned an invitation from Sydney Pollack to the inaugural group of actors and filmmakers at the Sundance Institute in 1981, which arguably moved her into some of her high-profile projects. 

According to her daughter, Wilcox “was quick to laugh, lit up every room she entered, and loved traveling and making friends all over the world.” Williams also noted that Wilcox was able to speak Spanish, Italian, and French, and she never lost her passion for dance. The actress “was dancing tango and salsa, which she continued to do beautifully well into her 70s. Her dance card was always full.” 

Along with Williams, Wilcox is survived by her son, Son Doyle, and grandchildren, Kiran, Sarame, and Ravi.