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Shannen Doherty Reveals Major Cancer Update, Fans Rally Behind ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star

Shannen Doherty Reveals Major Cancer Update, Fans Rally Behind ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star

Shannen Doherty’s fans are rallying around the actress after she revealed that her cancer has reached her bones. Doherty has been dealing with Stage 4 breast cancer in her body. Nevertheless, the Little House on the Prairie star is receiving lots of support from her fans.

Those fans were filling up the comment sections with their thoughts. One fan kept her comments really short, writing, “Prayers up!” Doherty could use all the prayers for her life and her family, too.

This fan added, “Wishing her to get well and prayers. Life is not fair.”

Doherty has been a fan favorite throughout her career. She appeared on Little House on the Prairie as Jenny Wilder, the young girl who was abandoned after her father’s death. Jenny is Almanzo’s niece and she lives with him and Laura.

Other shows that Doherty appeared in include Beverly Hills, 90210, Father Murphy, and Charmed.

Shannen Doherty Receives Prayers, Well-Wishes From Fans

“I’m sending prayers up for you Ms Shannen Doherty and wishing you GOD’S BLESSINGS” was the sentiment of second-half healers. Doherty has welcomed prayer warriors from all over the world to intercede on her behalf. “You are courageous Shannen” one woman simply wrote. Another person said, “She is really one of the Actors that I like very much. So, therefore I am very sorry for her.”

This fan is overcome with emotion upon reading about Doherty’s medical condition. “Noooo, this makes me so sad. We don’t know these stars but yet they are a part of our generation,” the person wrote. “Wish Shannen Doherty all the best. Her fight is so courageous I can’t imagine what she’s going through. Thanks for keeping updates on her BarkJack.”

And this fan added their voice to the ones wishing all the best for Doherty. “I hate this for anyone, it is a terrible disease. Peace be with her and all those that love her.”

Doherty receives a bit of a pep talk from this fan, but the person means it in a caring way. “Shannen is a superwoman; always pulling for her!”

For this fan, though, she was feeling quite sad about Doherty’s painful journey with cancer. “I wanna cry with her 🙁 This is awful”. This person can relate to what Doherty is going through based upon seeing a family member face their own cancer journey. “F*** cancer. My sister-in-law in California is going through the same thing. thought she beat it in 2019 but came back several months ago. It’s in her bones and brain now. such young women. God bless her.”

When this fan read the news, it hit their heart pretty badly. “My heart just broke a little :(“.