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Sam Neill Recalls His Son Farting on Princess Diana at ‘Jurassic Park’ Premiere

Sam Neill Recalls His Son Farting on Princess Diana at ‘Jurassic Park’ Premiere

Sam Neill will never forget sitting near Princess Diana at the Jurassic Park premiere in London… only to have his son rain on his parade. Well, it wasn’t water that spread itself around the people there. Nope, it happened to be deadly, silent farts from his Sonny Boy.

Imagine being in that spot, with a big-budget movie taking off, everyone in the box watching and your son offers his own “commentary.” Neill had a big-boy problem on his hands.

“There was a royal premiere in London, and it was, it was sort of a fortuitous occasion — you don’t get to sit beside Princess Diana every day,” Neill told People. “But my son was sitting on the other side [of me] and it was kind of unfortunate because once it starts getting exciting, about 45 minutes in, he was so carried away with things — he was about 10 years old at this point — he started to fart unreasonably.”

Sam Neill Believes Princess Diana Noticed

When that type of situation hits, one probably hopes it ends quickly. Sam Neill hoped Princess Diana would not notice. But he said that the farts were not loud, yet boy howdy you could not miss them happening.

“It wasn’t that audible, but it was very, very [smelly],” Neill said. “And there was sort of a draft through the cinema, and it was all drifting in the Princess’ direction. I was there, in my suit and bowtie and things, sweating like crazy because I thought, ‘The princess is going to think this is me. (And) It’s this little boy here.’”

In a “pop” moment, Neill has not ratted out his son to anyone at Birmingham Palace. “No, I couldn’t,” Neill said. “He hates me telling that story, but it’s absolutely true. He’s grown now… but I’m never going to another premiere with him!”

Neill is returning to television with a miniseries called Apples Never Fall. He stars alongside Annette Bening, with the series starting on Sunday, March 14. This is Neill’s 10th project since being diagnosed with stage 3 blood cancer in 2021.

Actor Keeps Going With Stage 3 Blood Cancer

In an October 2023 interview, Neill talked with Australian Story to offer a little look into how his life was going. The actor said he “wasn’t interested in learning everything he could about the disease once he found out he had it. I know I’ve got it, but I’m not really interested in it,” Neill said. “It’s out of my control. If you can’t control it, don’t get into it.”

It’s obvious that Neill has faced down this horrible disease. He’s still in the fight, though, and doesn’t fear much of anything. The New Zealand-based actor is now 76 years old and shows no signs of stopping now. Don’t bring him any of the celebrity trappings easier. He’s not interested, as he pointed out in this interview with The Guardian.

“I have a number of friends who are real celebrities, you’d know who they are, and I wouldn’t swap my life for theirs for a moment, even though they’re immensely rich and, you know, immensely famous,” he said. “There’s a complete lack of privacy for one thing, and privacy is very, very, very important,” Neill said. “I can walk down the street in Surry Hills and get my coffee, and nobody bothers me, you know? And there’s no paparazzi. My life is my own.”

Neill will keep on going with his chemotherapy. He’ll probably offer updates, so here’s hoping things can go well for Sam Neill.