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Rumer Willis Reveals How Dad Bruce Influenced Her Daughter’s Name

Rumer Willis Reveals How Dad Bruce Influenced Her Daughter’s Name

There’s always an interesting story behind a child’s name and Rumer Willis does not disappoint in offering some insights about it. Willis took part in an Instagram question-and-answer session on Tuesday. It was during this that someone asked her where she got the inspiration for her child’s name, Louetta Isley.

She said, “Her name is a mix of things I love. I have always loved the name Lou so was thinking of that for both a boy and a girl but then when we found out she was a girl, we came up with Louetta.”

“We wanted to give her options and me and my dad’s favorite singers are Lou (Louie Armstrong), Etta (Etta James), Isley (Isley Brothers),” Willis said, according to People.

And Willis, obviously, liked any kind of connection between her child and her famous father, Bruce Willis. Yes, of course, her mom, Demi Moore, is pretty cool as well. Rumer sees a little of her father in her new child. She loves it a whole lot.

“Whenever she’s got a stern discerning look on her face, I just see Bruce Willis,” Willis told the publication at the opening night of the movie Love Actually Live. “My dad — especially on [TV series] Moonlighting — has this little side smirk, that very [mischievous] twinkle in his eye, and I see that so much in her.”

Rumer Willis Loves This Time of the Year

Now that it’s Christmas time, it will be Louetta’s first Christmas, which is so special. The time of the year means a lot to Willis and her family.

“We always do stuff together at Christmas and everybody has a stocking and to just be able to see her there this Christmas, it’s exciting,” she said. “Christmas is such a big holiday for us.”

Willis, during a conversation with People about her affiliation with Bumpsuit, talked about her family some more. She looks forward to having some of the family “magic” passed on to Louetta.

“I think inherently, some of the most magical parts of myself are definitely from them,” Willis said of Bruce Willis and Moore, 61. “So I feel like that will be passed down to her,” she said. “I love watching them with her.”

Bruce Willis continues to stay out of the public spotlight. He is still dealing with his health condition but remains close to his family. Especially at this time of the year.

For her part, Rumer starred in Once Upon A Time … In Hollywood. As to when she might go back in front of the camera again remains a mystery. Right now, from what she regularly shares on social media, it appears that Job No. 1 is being a mom to Louetta. Maybe she will expand on her future plans once 2024 rolls around in full.

The Willis family probably hopes something good can happen for Bruce as far as his health is concerned. But he will be a recipient of much love, just like Louetta will as well.