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Ron Howard Whipped Out His Andy Griffith Impression On His First Date with His Future Wife

Ron Howard Whipped Out His Andy Griffith Impression On His First Date with His Future Wife

Ron Howard impressed his date one evening when he was a young man. It involved doing an impression of Andy Griffith.

I mean, Howard probably had enough away time from the set to get this impression down pat. What’s amazing about Howard doing it, though, is he did it in front of his future girlfriend and wife, Cheryl Howard. He wanted to draw her attention toward him.

It worked! Howard kind of was shocked that someone like Cheryl was out in the world. He wrote in his memoir The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family, along with his brother Clint Howard that Ron said to himself, “Wow, my ideal actually exists on this planet.”

In the book, Howard shared that he and Cheryl went to a movie and ate a pizza in Toluca Lake, Calif. They both attended John Burroughs High School in Burbank, Calif. That’s pretty standard fare for a couple of high school kids. Yet there’s no doubt that Ron was smitten with her. And he got up the nerve to ask her out so she could help him with his homework.

Ron Howard Had First Date With Cheryl In 1970

That’s throwing up a smoke screen to get Cheryl’s attention! Their first date was on November 1, 1970, and Howard wrote about it in an Instagram post. He remembered that he took her to see a re-release of the Stanley Kubrick masterpiece It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World.

This night went so well that it led Howard to do his impression of Andy Griffith for her, according to MeTV. Howard wrote, “Andy Griffith had a tendency, when he was in a good mood, to speak in loud, declarative sentences: ‘Well, that was outstanding!’ I remembered this and literally did an Andy imitation. I walked into the house, leaving the front door open behind me. My folks were sitting in the living room. They looked up at me expectantly.

“‘Now that’s a date!’ I said,” Howard wrote. “I reached behind me and swung the door shut with a loud slam. Then I bounded upstairs to my bedroom without saying another word.”

During their date, Howard talked about a screenplay he had been putting together. There’s no information about a studio accepting this screenplay for a film, though. So it might have been a screenplay Howard hoped to do in his future film career.

Ron and Cheryl Howard have been married since 1975, People reports. They have four children, three daughters (Bryce Dallas, Jocelyn Carlyle, and Paige Carlyle) and one son, Reed Cross. Early in their married lives, the Howards lived in the Los Angeles area. When an incident involving one of the kids coming home with a screenplay tucked into their backpack, it became a flashpoint. Ron didn’t want his kids to grow up with show-business pressure put on them. At that time, Ron and Cheryl made the decision to move to the East Coast region.

Cheryl Howard Holds Two Collegiate Degrees

Cheryl holds two degrees, a bachelor’s in psychology and a master’s in screenwriting. She shared on her own website that it was Ron’s “passion for story” that brought them together, People reports.

At times, Cheryl Howard has appeared in her husband’s work. One time, she played Howard’s wife on Arrested Development. The couple also has six grandchildren to boot, so they keep Ron and Cheryl pretty busy.

Ron Howard learned a lot of different lessons while working around Griffith and other stars on The Andy Griffith Show set.

He also just celebrated his 70th birthday over the weekend, sharing a photo of him and Cheryl on Instagram. Ron Howard still is working hard to make movies. Keep your eyes open because you just might see Cheryl Howard in there again soon.