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Ron Howard Doesn’t Recommend Child Acting for Everyone: ‘They’re Like Trained Animals’

Ron Howard Doesn’t Recommend Child Acting for Everyone: ‘They’re Like Trained Animals’

There’s no doubt that Ron Howard has had an incredible career, going from child actor to Academy Award winner. Howard freely admits that he found his own experience growing up quite valuable. But he’s couching that with some words of warning for others looking to repeat his path.

Howard, who caught America’s attention through The Andy Griffith Show, also scored a big-screen victory with his child role in the film version of The Music Man. All of those experiences are ones that helped shape his view of show business and acting.

He talked about his early career work in an interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Ron Howard Admits He Enjoyed Acting Career

“Other kids may resent [acting], but mostly I really enjoyed it,” Howard said. “My dad gave me a lot of confidence and was teaching me how to do it, teaching me how to think, so I was actually learning a craft.” Rance Howard, Ron’s father, was a regular presence on the Griffith show’s set. There were times that Rance would not only take Ron but his brother Clint to their roles. Rance Howard occasionally would play bit roles on there as well.

It appears, though, that Ron Howard appreciated his very own journey.

“The things I learned as a child I was able to apply as an adult, whereas a lot of child actors have to unlearn the cutesy tricks that sabotage them later on when they’re trying to operate on a more adult level,” Ron Howard said.

With this being said, Howard also is quite aware of the traps that can harm child actors. He’s probably either seen it first-hand or heard horror stories from former child actors. Show business can be a cruel taskmaster at times. That’s why it would be wise for people, even parents, to heed Howard’s words.

“I always try to discourage parents from putting their children in this business, especially little kids,” he said, according to MeTV. “I’m one of the few child actors who got through it without a lot of anger and resentment. Most child actors aren’t taught how to act. They’re sort of taught how to perform. They’re like trained animals. I think I made it through because I was working toward something. I had a different dream.”

Director Took His Family Out of Hollywood

That dream included becoming a director, which he has done quite successfully. Ron Howard has worked tirelessly through his company Imagine Entertainment to produce solid movies and projects.

By the way, Howard does back up his words around show business with actions. When his daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard, was a young child, she came home from school with her backpack. While at school, someone stuck a movie script in there. The person probably hoped Ron Howard would see it.

Well, that led to Howard, his wife, and their children all moving out of Hollywood and to the East Coast. It wasn’t until later in life that Bryce chose to pursue acting. She, too, has been very successful in her career.

With his knowledge of how television shows and movies work, Ron Howard continues to pursue excellence in everything he does. It also helps that he has been there and done that for much of his career.