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Ron Howard Ditched Living in Hollywood After Someone Approached His Preschooler With a Script

Ron Howard Ditched Living in Hollywood After Someone Approached His Preschooler With a Script

One person took a unique route in their attempt to get Ron Howard a movie script, but it backfired. Rather than accepting the project, Ron Howard and his wife Cheryl decided to leave Hollywood altogether, despite Southern California being the Andy Griffith Show alum’s longtime home.

Bryce Dallas Howard recalled the incident while being interviewed on In Depth with Graham Bensinger. “Apparently, one day someone — when I was at preschool — they gave me a script to bring home to my dad,” Howard said. “I think assuming that maybe then my dad would read it and somehow turn around and be like, ‘Yes! This is the movie I’m doing.’”

Ron Howard Moved His Family From Hollywood to Connecticut

Obviously, that did not happen. Ron and Cheryl Howard took the family out of Hollywood and relocated to Greenwich, Connecticut. There, they could raise their children without the pressures of the entertainment world. Sure, Bryce Dallas Howard has become quite a successful actress as an adult. But Ron and Cheryl were adamant in their decision to keep their children away from Hollywood in childhood.

“I think my parents realized that being raised in Los Angeles, so much of the culture of this city is centered around the entertainment industry,” Howard said. “And they sort of didn’t want to raise us in an environment that felt that singular.”

Besides Bryce, the Howards’ other children are Paige, Reed, and Jocelyn Howard. In time, the Howards instilled the ethics and morals that they wanted their kids to carry with them. It appears that they did a wonderful job in raising their children.

“My mom was really strict, and she was strict for good reason,” Bryce Howard said. “My parents weren’t going to give us their money… They don’t believe in that. So they knew that when we were 18 we were going to need to take care of ourselves.” Bryce has been in quite a few successful movies, such as Spider-Man 3 and the Jurassic World franchise.

The Howards’ Move Came as Film Company Was Taking Shape

Making the move from Hollywood did mean more travel for Ron Howard. In 1985, he was just starting up Imagine Entertainment, his film company. With his work responsibilities in Los Angeles, Howard often pulled the East Coast-West Coast flights. But he would not change anything because of how his children turned out. It’s something that he and Cheryl can be awfully proud of now and in the future.

“I’m really proud of them and of who they are, the way they live,” Howard has said. “They’re very principled, they’re creative, (and) they’re engaged, they’re good problem solvers.”

Ron Howard still finds himself behind the camera lens, being involved in his creative endeavors. He’s built a wonderful life for himself. It’s a credit to him and Cheryl that their kids are all successful, too.