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‘Rocky’ Star Dolph Lundgren Recreates Well-Known Scene Look For New Zaxby’s Ad: VIDEO

‘Rocky’ Star Dolph Lundgren Recreates Well-Known Scene Look For New Zaxby’s Ad: VIDEO

Nearly 50 years after the famous Sylvester Stallone sports film Rocky hit theaters, Dolph Lundgren, who played Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, has recreated one of the first film’s iconic scenes for a new Zaxby’s ad. 

In the ad, Zaxby’s couldn’t help but pump up its fans. “Fists up, Philly,” the post’s caption reads. The Rocky star is then seen walking up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, just like Stallone did in the original film. 

While sharing details about recreating the famous Rocky scene for the ad, Lundgren told Fox News Digital that it wasn’t the first time he had walked up those steps. “I was there for Creed II,” he told the media outlet. “And I’ve been there as a civilian as well.”

He also described the ad as being a fun concept and that it was fun to be part of it. “And it’s an iconic space,” the actor declared. “Obviously, there’s always people there running up and down.” 

Dolph Lundgren Talks About Training For ‘Rocky IV’ With Sylvester Stallone 

Along with discussing the Zaxby’s ad, Dolph Lundgren spoke to Fox News Digital about training alongside Sylvester Stallone for Rocky IV. 

“There were some very, very hard training we did together,” Lundgren said about the training sessions. He then revealed he had to train for six months for the audition alone. He noted that while he was already a karate champion as well as being in good shape, the training helped him get into even better shape. “I trained with Sly for about five months here in LA. Six days a week, twice a day, boxing and weights.”

Although they were enemies in the film, Lundgren said he and Stallone became “pretty friendly” during their training sessions. He also noted that he enjoyed that part of the workouts. “My main memory was that I was kind of starstruck by the whole situation,” the actor continued. “You know, You know, Stallone, Apollo Creed, James Brown, Vegas. Everything. The whole experience was kind of foreign to me, to some extent as it was to my character Drago.”

In regards to the age difference between him and Stallone, Lundgren admitted he was surprised that the veteran actor was able to keep up when it came to the workouts. “It was very intense,” he added. “I was ten years younger than Sly, and I was always surprised he was keeping up with me.”