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Robert Downey Jr. Recalls Touring NYC With Whoopi Goldberg in a Stretch Volvo

Robert Downey Jr. Recalls Touring NYC With Whoopi Goldberg in a Stretch Volvo

Robert Downey Jr. has had some huge hits and a few misses when it comes to his movie career, which lends itself to stories. In Soapdish, a 1991 movie, Robert Downey Jr. costarred with Whoopi Goldberg. Their characters were part of a storyline where a soap opera television show was falling apart.

Egos, narcissism, and petty jealousy were all around the characters in the movie. Outside of that, though, it appears that Robert Downey Jr. and Whoopi Goldberg allowed themselves to have a little fun.

In a recent appearance on ABC’s The View, Downey Jr. shared a story involving himself, Goldberg, and Anthony Michael Hall. “I also have this vague memory of her and I and Anthony Michael Hall in a stretch Volvo rolling around New York City,” Downey Jr. said. “I’m not going to say whether there was a tiny bit of [ganja] involved. I’m just going to say that it was a wonderful evening.”

Whoopi Goldberg Praises Robert Downey Jr.

In response to Robert Downey Jr.’s revealing tale, Whoopi Goldberg admitted that it was “quite possible” there was marijuana involved in the outing. Rather than focus on their possibly illegal activities, however, she focused on showering her costar with praise.

“There’s nobody better to do stuff with than somebody who is equally as silly as you are,” Goldberg said. “That movie is one of the great movies — I think that, for me, anyway — because everybody had a good time. It wasn’t like a bad time. We were all together and we were weird.”

When a clip from Soapdish was shown on The View, that kicked in Robert Downey Jr.’s observation of Whoopi Goldberg as an actress and comedian. “I remember, as evidenced in this clip, that she is one of the all-time great scene partners,” Downey Jr. said. “I learned a lot about keeping comedy grounded.”

According to IMDb, the plot of Soapdish involves “an ambitious television soap actress (Cathy Moriarty) (who) connives with her producer (Downey Jr.) to scuttle the career of the show’s long-time star (Sally Field), but nothing works as they plan.” In the movie, Downey Jr. played producer David Seton Barnes while Goldberg was a network executive named Rose Schwartz.

Whoopi Goldberg Recalls Having Fun With ‘Soapdish’ Cast

From her perspective, Goldberg had a good time working on the movie. Here, she gives credit to everyone associated with Soapdish for making it a fun environment. “It was just a weird group of people and we just had a good time and didn’t really give a poop what people said about it,” she said. “People didn’t seem to love the movie but it’s now taken on cult status.”

Other cast members in Soapdish included Teri Hatcher, Kevin Kline, Elisabeth Shue, and Carrie Fisher. Longtime television producer Aaron Spelling, along with Alan Greisman, produced Soapdish. Michael Hoffman directed the close to 90-minute-long movie. It was made on a $25 million budget, gaining $36.5 million at the box office.

Robert Downey Jr., in the years after this movie was made, found himself in legal trouble over his substance abuse. After getting sober in 2003 and staying that way, he has ridden a strong wave of success. His story is a truly redemptive one.