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Robert Downey Jr. Admits He Was ‘Jealous’ of Rob Lowe in High School

Robert Downey Jr. Admits He Was ‘Jealous’ of Rob Lowe in High School

Recent Golden Globes winner Robert Downey Jr. confessed to some serious envy of Rob Lowe back in their Santa Monica High School days. The future Tropic Thunder star was envious and puzzled by Lowe’s ability to balance a growing Hollywood career with academic demands.

“I want to say I was jealous, but that’s not deep enough,” Downey explained on a recent episode of Lowe’s Literally podcast. “I didn’t understand how anyone could get where you were, let alone still have attendance in school. It just seemed like there was something so high-functioning going on. There was no point for me to even attempt to understand it.”

In reply, Rob Lowe acknowledged that he and Robert Downey Jr. were simply different individuals in high school. “We’re wired similarly and also super differently. You would be impossible to pin down for that kind of structure at that point in your life,” Lowe reasoned. “I was a hot mess,” the Iron Man star shot back.

Robert Downey Jr. Admitted Another Thing That Made Him Jealous of Rob Lowe in High School

Lowe then quipped about how already a sitcom star in High School wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be. “You’d walk by the bulletin board and there’d be like, ‘Rob, call your agent,’ and I’d go to the phone booth,” he joked. “Can you imagine what it was like for the rest of us at SanMo High to see that notification for you?” Downey cut in.

Meanwhile, Robert Downey Jr speculated on how a message for him back in high school would have gone. “‘You’re f—ing suspended,’” he joked. Robert Downey Jr. also zeroed in on the greatest source of jealousy he had toward Rob Lowe in high school. Of course, it was his cool ride. “You had a champagne-colored Mazda 626 that only fresh money could grab you the lease on,” Downey pointed out. “I remember you driving by in that car to get into the parking lot. [I] was like, ‘Welp, that’s how the other half live.’”

Downey also mentioned his surprise at not immediately connecting with Lowe, despite their contrasting study methods. “I was in school as infrequently as possible,” he recalled. “I actually managed to figure out how to climb the only super-tall fence, which led out onto Lincoln. That was the only place that hall monitors weren’t looking for people trying to ditch school. It had to have been a 28-, 30-foot-tall fence.”

While the conversation focused on Downey Jr.’s envy of Lowe’s early success, it also highlighted Santa Monica High as a breeding ground for future celebrities. Other notable alumni of the school include Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez, and Sean Penn.