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Rob Lowe’s Sons: All About His 2 Children, Matthew and John Owen

Rob Lowe’s Sons: All About His 2 Children, Matthew and John Owen

Rob Lowe has had quite a successful career in TV and movies, but he’ll probably tell you his proudest achievement is his kids. Matthew and John Owen, Lowe’s boys, have taken different paths in life after leaving home. Yet Lowe and his wife, Sheryl Berkoff, are very happy with the way things have turned out.

So, who are these fine young men? Matthew Lowe, now 29, was born in 1993. If you are looking for him in the entertainment business, then you won’t find him there. Matthew went off to Duke University for his college education. Yet he wasn’t through with higher ed. Matthew enrolled in Loyola Law School, eventually graduating with a law degree.

Matthew Lowe Happy To Be Son of Rob Lowe

At this time, according to what he has written on LinkedIn, Lowe is a venture capital investor. He knows, too, that his father will stand by his side as well.

He talked about that in an interview with People in 2022. “(Whether it’s) me going off to college, or to law school, he’s always the cheerleader,” Matthew Lowe said. “He’s the first one to do absolutely anything to help you succeed.”

While Matthew went his way, John Owen Lowe, 27, took a similar road to his father’s journey. He was born in 1995 and has become an actor in his own right. Yet he didn’t immediately become attracted to show business. John Owen tried his hand at jobs in finance and science.

“The number of times I got compared to my dad, and the number of times he was brought up in conversation, made me so uncomfortable that I wanted to move as far away from that as possible,” John Owen said in an interview with Men’s Health.

John Owen Lowe Follows In Father’s Path

Much like his father, John Owen found himself deeply involved with substance abuse. He eventually would get sober at 26 years old, the same as Rob Lowe. Like a lot of addicts, John Owen recalled chatting with Men’s Health about going to the hospital “many times.”

All of that, though, is in his past. John Owen is currently in a relationship with Olivia Rodriguez, a model. That remains a constant in his life along with his parents’ undying love and affection for him.

What does Rob Lowe think of his sons? “No matter how many movies or books or TV shows I do, raising those guys has been my favorite thing I’ve ever done,” he said in an interview with Today. “They’re just great kids. Sheryl and I were both lucky that we had the wherewithal to spend a lot of time with them and be really involved and it’s paid off.”

Reportedly, Rob and John Owen are set to work together on a Netflix series titled Unstable. The premise is around having a son, played by John Owen, being forced to work for his father’s company. Rob Lowe, of course, will play the father role.

While fans of Rob Lowe’s 911: Lone Star series wait for it to return in the fall, he will keep busy. He’s hosting a game show called The Floor that is on Fox. That is the same network where his TV series also runs, too.