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Who is Rita Moreno’s Daughter? Everything We Know About Fernanda Luisa Gordon

Who is Rita Moreno’s Daughter? Everything We Know About Fernanda Luisa Gordon

Actress Rita Moreno is one of those EGOT award-winning actresses, yet she’ll gladly brag about her daughter Fernanda Luisa Gordon. Gordon is the only child of Moreno and her late husband, Leonard Gordon. Yet she’s been intricately involved in Moreno’s career and, of course, her life.

Gordon is married to David Fisher and they have two children, Justin and Cameron. Before you ask, yes, Moreno is nuts over her grandchildren. Moreno was in the operating room when Gordon gave birth to Justin. Here’s what Moreno had to say about the experience, People reports.

“Our grandchildren are the light of our lives,” Moreno told Grand magazine in 2008. Justin was born in 1998. “One of the best experiences of our lives, if not the best, next to our daughter’s birth, is helping birth our daughter’s baby. We were at the hospital with them [Fernanda and David]. I held one of her legs. It was astonishing. It was the most moving experience you can possibly imagine. My baby is giving birth to a baby.”

Rita Moreno’s Daughter Makes Time For Mom

Despite being a wife and mother, Gordon makes time to hang around Moreno. One such time was back in 2021 when Moreno was in the updated film version of West Side Story. Steven Spielberg was directing this movie, so there’s no pressure here, right?

Gordon was Moreno’s stand-in during the filming. She shared this post at the time on Instagram. Gordon wrote, “Feeling such #gratitude for having been the stand-in for @theritamoreno on the #WestSideStoryMovie. To have been fortunate enough to go through that experience with my mother and a crew and cast of insanely talented people was the #gift of a lifetime. And hearing our friends, family, and critics (!) praise the film is the #IcingOnTheCake.”

By nature, Gordon is not an actress. The daughter of Rita Moreno owns her own business, Nandiz Designs, and is a jewelry designer. She, though, found herself on another movie set with Moreno. Her mother was one of the four main actresses in the movie 80 for Brady. Moreno starred along with Jane Fonda, Sally Field, and Lily Tomlin. Gordon acted as her mother’s assistant in the filming.

“Don’t miss @80forbrady – it is a great ride with #talent overflowing everywhere,” Gordon wrote on Instagram. “And after working on the whole film shoot I am so pleased to see a great outcome. And – it’s pretty darn cool to see my name on the credit roll”.

Gordon Was Present For Moreno’s Big Ceremony

Back in 1995, Gordon was present when Moreno received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In one picture, Moreno is shown lying down next to her star. Gordon holds the honorary plaque that usually was given to star honorees by the late Johnny Grant.

Moreno, who has won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony (EGOT) in her career, just loves to hang around her daughter. The feeling is mutual as Gordon shared this note back in 2022 on Instagram. “You have always been an amazing mom – and have become a true friend,” Gordon wrote. “Grateful to share so many beautiful experiences with you mí compañera”.