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Rita Moreno Net Worth: How the Celebrated Actress Made Her Millions

Rita Moreno Net Worth: How the Celebrated Actress Made Her Millions

Rita Moreno has poured out her heart and soul across different entertainment realms, and they have affected her net worth. Moreno is one of a scant few actresses who have become EGOT winners. That means she has secured Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Awards for her work.

Moreno kicked off her Broadway career as a 13-year-old in Skydrift. Her appearance drew the interest of Hollywood types, setting the stage for future success. Right now, Rita Moreno’s net worth sits at $10 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Rita Moreno Started Her Career in Musicals

She managed to get her foot in the door during the heyday of Hollywood musicals. Moreno got parts in two 1950s musicals named The Toast of New Orleans and Pagan Love Song. In 1952, she picked up a little more notoriety with a role in Gene Kelly’s musical Singin’ In The Rain. Other movies included The Fabulous Señorita, Fort Vengeance, Latin Lovers, Jivaro, Untamed, The Vagabond King, and The Deerslayer. She was not happy, though, due to her feelings that a lot of typecasting was happening.

Moreno cooked up work in 1950s television shows. On the small screen, she appeared in Fireside Theatre, China Smith, General Electric Theater, Cavalcade of America, Climax!, Father Knows Best, and Trackdown.

Moving into the 1960s, she got more movie and TV work to keep Moreno happy. Her big breakthrough happened in 1961, when she played Anita in West Side Story. That movie won 10 Academy Awards, with Moreno taking home the Best Supporting Actress trophy. Two more films came her way: Summer and Smoke and Cry of Battle. On TV, Moreno appeared in shows like Run For Your Life, Zorro, and Burke’s Law.

Actress Took A Break From Hollywood

For most of the 60s, Moreno was on a self-imposed time out from working in Hollywood. Moreno returned in 1969 for three movies, including The Night of the Following Day, which starred Marlon Brando. Other films included Papi and Marlowe, which starred James Garner.

As we turn into the 1970s, Moreno becomes a popular cast member on the PBS kids show The Electric Company. Her voice opened each show, exclaiming, “Hey, you guys!” On there, Moreno played multiple characters. Moreno picked up Emmy Awards for appearances on The Muppet Show and playing a character named Rita on Garner’s The Rockford Files. A couple of movie shoutouts were for Carnal Knowledge and The Ritz.

Moreno had a recurring role in the 1980s on the ABC sitcom 9 to 5, which was based on the Dolly Parton movie. TV guest spots for her included The Love Boat, The Cosby Show, Miami Vice, and The Golden Girls.

Moreno provided voiceover work for the PBS show, Where On Earth is Carmen Sandiego? She also played Sister Pete in the HBO prison series Oz. In recent years, Moreno starred in a revamped version of One Day at a Time.

As for her personal life, Moreno and Brando had a passionate yet rough relationship for a few years. She married Leonard Gordon, a cardiologist, in 1965. They had one daughter, Fernanda. Moreno and Gordon stayed together until Gordon died in 2010. At one time, Gordon was Moreno’s manager.