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Protective Pop Sylvester Stallone Had Daughters Trained by Navy SEALS Before NYC Move

Protective Pop Sylvester Stallone Had Daughters Trained by Navy SEALS Before NYC Move

Sylvester Stallone, worried about his daughters in NYC, skipped the ordinary and sent them to a self-defense boot camp with Navy SEALs. The training even included chasing a chicken as he did in Rocky II.

In the premiere episode of The Family Stallone, a show exploring the lives of the famous actor and his family, Sophia Stallone, 27, and Sistine Stallone, 25, join their father at a one-day self-defense retreat. The duo moved to NYC in March 2023, and the episode was filmed that summer. However, Stallone takes his daughters to boot camp upon their return to the family home in Los Angeles.

In the episode, Stallone mentions his sleepless nights worrying about his daughters in NYC. This is due to bad experiences he had before his “Rocky” success. My daughters have moved to New York, which is kind of traumatic because I spent many, many years in New York,” Stallone recalls. “Everyday robbery, physical attacking. Cars were coming over curbs. People throwing acid on you. You had to keep your head on a swivel, and I never gotten over that.”

The Navy SEALS Sylvester Stallone Hired to Train His Daughters Seem Hardcore

Indeed, the Navy SEALS Sylvester Stallone hired to put his daughters through the ringer sound pretty hardcore. Defense Strategies Group is based out of Southern California. They’re comprised of Special Operations Veterans like Army Rangers, Navy SEALs, and Marine Raiders. According to their YouTube page, the DSG offers “in-home threat assessments and custom training,” along with ” Defensive Firearms, Combat Training, and Security Consulting.”

DSG shared images of the training, alongside a video of one of the daughters taking a blind folded ice plunge, on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Sly’s daughters can attest to how tough the training was. “It was the hardest,” Sistine Stallone told The New York Post about the ordeal. “It was about six hours we were in those woods.”

“They were the real deal,” Sistine added. “And I’m not surprised my dad put us through something like this because our entire life we grew up with him doing these sort of military-esque, self-defense trainings.”

Of course, Stallone has a history of putting his daughters through the ringer with training. In the interview, Sophia reminisced about how their father was always disciplined and passed on that routine to their morning habits as kids.

“It was a rigorous routine,” Sophia recalled. “Every day at 6 a.m., he would make us eat eggs with ketchup. For some reason, that combination … to bulk up. Then it was a lot of sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, clean and jerks,” Sophia added. 

Stallone has daughters named Sistine, Sophia, and Scarlet, aged 21, from his marriage to Jennifer Flavin. He was previously married to Sasha Czack, with whom he had two sons, Sage and Seargeoh. Tragically, Sage passed away in 2012 due to heart disease.