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Priscilla Presley Claims ‘Love’ of Elvis Presley Made Michael Jackson Marry Lisa Marie

Priscilla Presley Claims ‘Love’ of Elvis Presley Made Michael Jackson Marry Lisa Marie

Nearly 30 years after Lisa Marie filed for divorce from Michael Jackson, her mother Priscilla Presley has some thoughts about why the King of Pop wanted to marry her and Elvis Presley’s daughter in the first place. 

During a recent interview with Piers Morgan on Talk TV, Presley recalled she and Lisa Marie having a conversation about her marriage to Jackson. “She said, ‘Mom, I’m really concerned,’” Priscilla stated. “I never see him. He is always gone.”

Priscilla Presley also said that she asked Lisa Marie where Michael was. However, Lisa Marie admitted she didn’t know where he was when he took off. Presley pointed out that Jackson had a strong interest in her late ex-husband Elvis. “I always felt that Michael Jackson loved Elvis, or respected Elvis,” she continued. “So I always felt that having the name, associated with the name with his daughter, I was concerned. So I told her…”

Although the couple was married for two years before Lisa Marie filed for divorce, Priscilla said she never really got to know Jackson. When asked by Morgan if she preferred that Lisa Marie and Michael never got married, she declared yes. “Just because I felt that he was so intrigued about Elvis,” she explained. She went on to note she thought Jackson was with Lisa Marie because she was a Presley. 

Priscilla Presley Describes Lisa Marie’s Death as ‘Unbelievable’ 

People reported during a Q&A in Las Vegas last week that Priscilla Presley admitted her daughter’s death is still unbelievable to her. 

“It’s not easy,” Presley explained about Lisa Marie’s death. “It’s still unbelievable and you have to get yourself through it… I have to be here for her.” 

Also speaking about her and Lisa Marie cheering Austin Butler on as he won a Golden Globe for his lead role in Bak Luhrmann’s Elvis just before Lisa Marie’s death. “We were in the audience, and we were holding hands,” Priscilla Presley recalled. “And we were pushing for Austin.” 

Presley went on to share that she and Lisa Marie celebrated Butler’s award. “That was such a great time and a great memory because two days later she passed. So it was great that we had that time together. She left me with a lot of great memories.” 

Along with talking about Lisa Marie’s death, Presley talked about her relationship with Lisa Marie’s daughter, Riley Keough. The duo ended up having a court battle over Lisa Marie’s estate. Despite the situation, Presley says she and her granddaughter are very close. 

“I don’t care what you read in the paper, we are very close,” Priscilla continued. “In fact, we’re having Thanksgiving together. We keep the families together, but there are rumors and stuff in the paper that we’re fighting and it’s not true at all. Riley and I have never had any kind of problem. We’re here to support the family and keep the family together.”