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Police Investigate Evan Ellingson Death For Possible Overdose

Police Investigate Evan Ellingson Death For Possible Overdose

Police are reportedly investigating the death of former child star Evan Ellingson as a possible overdose situation. TMZ is reporting that drug paraphernalia was found at the home where Ellingson was found dead. The house is located in the San Fernando Valley.

Law enforcement officials are continuing their investigation. Right now, police officials are looking at a possible overdose behind Ellingson’s death.

Evan’s father Michael told TMZ on Sunday that his son was found dead at a sober living home. Ellingson reportedly struggled with drug addiction in his life. Yet Michael said that Evan was doing much better as of late.

Other sources who are close to the case are telling TMZ that the pending results of Ellingson’s toxicology report will determine how the investigation will proceed. Should drugs be found as the main cause, then authorities could potentially investigate where they came from, and if there’s any criminal culpability.

TMZ broke the story, Ellingson’s body was found in his bedroom … and officials said there appeared to be no foul play involved.

Evan Ellingson Remembered By Co-Star Abigail Breslin

On Monday, Abigail Breslin, who co-starred with Ellingson in My Sister’s Keeper, paid tribute to her co-star.

“Evan Ellingson was a kind, funny, and extremely talented human being,” Breslin said. “He played my big brother in a film I did called My Sister’s Keeper. Evan was a genuinely thoughtful person who cared so much about turning in the best performance, which he accomplished. Some of his scenes in MSK still give me chills.

“He was also silly, funny, a prankster, a lover of Red Bull (I hated the smell of Red Bull) and he was energetic and the life of the party,” she said.

But she adds that she thought of him fondly.

Breslin admits she fell out of touch with Evan Ellingson after My Sister’s Keeper. However, she always thought of him fondly. “He always stayed in my mind as a wonderful and sweet soul, one I am grateful to have crossed paths with,” she said. “My prayers and condolences are with his family at this difficult time.”

Breslin also asked the public to honor the family’s wishes for privacy. She also asked people to not speculate about Ellingson’s death. There possibly are other details that have not been released by law enforcement officials.

Besides My Sister’s Keeper, Ellingson nabbed a recurring role on the CBS crime drama CSI: Miami, starring David Caruso and Emily Proctor.