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‘Picket Fences’ & ‘Under Wraps’ Star Adam Wylie Arrested

‘Picket Fences’ & ‘Under Wraps’ Star Adam Wylie Arrested

Picket Fences and Under Wraps child star Adam Wylie has been allegedly arrested for shoplifting at Target. As reported by TMZ, Adam was allegedly observed by the loss prevention team at a local Target store on Friday, October 13th. He was seen taking health and beauty products from a display shelf and placing them in a shopping cart along with other items.

According to reports, Adam Wylie proceeded to the self-checkout area, where it is claimed that he only scanned a portion of the items in his cart before attempting to make a hasty exit. However, his plans were foiled when store security apprehended him outside with the merchandise.

TMZ says the value of the recovered items amounted to $108. Burbank police promptly arrived at the scene and charged Wylie with petty theft. They released him shortly after.

90s kids no doubt remember Adam Wylie’s many childhood acting roles. He appeared alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1990’s Kindergarten Cop. From 1992 to 1996, he played Zachary Brock on the cult series Picket Fences. His character was the quirky son of the series leads Tom Skerritt and Kathy. He also acted on Broadway in a 2002 production of Into the Woods.

Adam Wylie Recently Reflected on His Most Famous Child Acting Role

Wylie also starred in the Disney Channel Halloween favorite Under Wraps in 1997. The film has amassed a huge following over the years and even spawned a remake in 2021.

After the film’s debut, it quickly gained immense popularity, leading to a variety of other Disney Channel original movies that made a lasting impact on childhoods worldwide. From seasonal favorites like Halloweentown and Phantom of the Megaplex to blockbusters like High School Musical, Disney’s original movies revolutionized TV movies.

Last year, Adam Wylie reflected on the legacy of Under Wraps. “I was really, really, really excited and I knew that Disney Channel was very excited about it,” Wylie told People in 2022. “I asked a lot of questions between takes … like, ‘Oh, where is this going to be? Is it going to theaters?’ I had no idea at the time. And they said, ‘Actually, I think there are rumors of it being what’s called a Disney Channel Original Movie.’ ” The actor even had a role in the remake’s sequel, Under Wraps 2 in 2022.

In more recent years, Adam Wylie has made appearances on TV shows like Castle and Lucifer. The actor has also picked up some new skills. Over the past several years, he’s been reinventing himself as a professional magician. His official YouTube page boasts several slick card tricks.