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Paul Reubens’ ‘Quiz Lady’ Costars Reflect on Working With Him in His Final Role

Paul Reubens’ ‘Quiz Lady’ Costars Reflect on Working With Him in His Final Role

Actor Paul Reubens managed to make a cameo appearance in the movie Quiz Lady before he died, and his costars are remembering him. Sandra Oh and Awkwafina considered the time spent with Reubens as quite a gift. Reubens, who was best known for portraying Pee-wee Herman, died in July.

“It’s so special that we were able to spend that time with him, and for what turned out to be his last film,” Oh said in Remind Magazine. “But, oh boy, he came on the set and he was like, I don’t know… He just really, really brought it in and had such great spirit around it.”

Reubens shows up near the end of the movie. He’s recognized, not as himself, but as Alan Cumming. This character in the movie thinks she’s talking to Cumming. Reubens does his best to imitate Cumming’s voice in a tender scene.

Paul Reubens Always Was Part of the Script

Awkwafina added, “That was one part of the script that … he was in it from the very, very beginning. That never changed, his cameo specifically.”

Another person who wanted to have Reubens in the cast of Quiz Lady was film director Jessica Yu.

She told Yahoo, “We dreamed that he would want to come and play with us, and we were trying to figure out how to approach him. And then one day we were at Sandra’s house working and she came out, she’s like, ‘I got Paul Reubens on the phone!’ And he agreed to do it and just could not be more gracious about it and more ready to play.”

In Quiz Lady, Oh and Awkwafina are sisters who squabble here and there. Yet they find themselves coming together for a common goal: rescuing their dog and wiping out their mother’s gambling debts. Quiz Lady can now be seen on Hulu.

Reubens provided lots of entertainment as his iconic character on the TV show Pee-wee’s Playhouse. It was a show that not only drew children to it but adults as well. Reubens also took Pee-wee into the world of movies as well. When portraying Herman, his childlike mannerisms and character show a sense of innocence that is so sweet and tender. Reubens was also able to create other characters that he performed in his stand-up comedy routine. But he hit a grand slam with Pee-wee. People flocked to the guy who made his way around on a bicycle.

The reviews for Quiz Lady, for the most part, have been pretty good. For moviegoers, getting a chance to see Reubens one last time probably provides a warm moment. Besides Reubens, keep an eye out for Will Farrell. He’s also in the flick, but not in a cameo appearance.