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Patrick Stewart Net Worth: How Much Did He Make as Picard on ‘Star Trek’?

Patrick Stewart Net Worth: How Much Did He Make as Picard on ‘Star Trek’?

Sir Patrick Stewart took a chance on playing Jean-Luc Picard, and it became the anchor for this actor’s net worth. Stewart didn’t believe Picard, who led his crew on Star Trek: The Next Generation for nine seasons, would go beyond Season 1. Little could he have foreseen a three-decade relationship with an iconic character. Stewart went from a little-known British Shakespearean actor to worldwide fame.

OK, so what is Stewart’s net worth? According to Celebrity Net Worth, that total comes out to $75 million. A good chunk of that did come from his Star Trek involvement. Stewart, in 1992, reportedly earned $45,000 per episode. In later seasons, that number rose to $100,000 per episode. Put in today’s numbers, that salary reached $180,000.

Oh, and how did he do financially with the Star Trek movie franchise? Pretty good. Stewart was paid $5 million to appear in 1996’s Star Trek: First Contact. Then, for Star Trek: Insurrection, Stewart picked up $9.5 million. Now, in 2002, Stewart added production credits to his name. That, along with playing Picard, brought him $14 million.

In doing interviews for his memoir, Making It So: A Memoir, Stewart shared an interesting Star Trek tidbit. Gene Roddenberry, the godfather of all things Star Trek, turned Stewart away at first. “He was talked into employing me by the other producers,” Stewart told CBS News

Patrick Stewart Was Beaten By Father

But Patrick Stewart, in building his net worth, didn’t start as a success. He was born in 1940 to his parents, who also had two brothers. Stewart’s father reportedly beat him up. Patrick attributed his father’s behavior to PTSD he suffered from being in World War II.

At 15 years old, he left home to pursue a full-time role as a theater actor. Stewart became a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1966. In 1967, he appeared on TV for the first time in Coronation Street. Stewart moved on to the Royal National Theater and popped up in different British TV series in the ’70s.

David Lynch was directing Dune in 1987 and Stewart got a role in the movie’s cast.

Up next for Stewart was Star Trek and his career and life ramped up tremendously. The X-Men franchise has been very good for him. Stewart played Professor Charles Xavier in 2000’s X-Men. He played that role seven more times in other X-Men films.

Actor Stays Busy Beyond ‘Star Trek’ Work

Get a load of these other Stewart roles from his career. He played Walter Blunt in the TV series Blunt Talk between 2015 and 2016. Other movie work involves Hedda, Excalibur, Dune, Lifeforce, Lady Jane, L.A. Story, Death Train, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Gunmen, Jeffrey, Conspiracy Theory, Masterminds, Safe House, A Christmas Carol, X-Men, King of Texas, and X2, X-Men: The Last Stand.

Television sitcoms have welcomed Stewart on shows like Frasier, Moby Dick, and Extras. He’s picked up awards for his work on them. too. He got a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1996. Queen Elizabeth II knighted Stewart for his work and support around the theatre.

As for his personal life, Stewart is married to Sunny Ozell. His previous marriages were with Sheila Falconer and Wendy Neuss. Stewart had two children while married to Falconer. He has homes in New York City and Los Angeles.

Stewart has said that his biggest regret is around his two failed marriages. What are the keys to a good relationship? “I think it’s being open and a good listener and to make connection. You don’t have to be the same but it’s necessary that you can share – I think very important. So sharing and respecting,” Stewart said.