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Patrick Mahomes’ Brother Denied Access to Brittany Mahomes’ VIP Table in Viral Video

Patrick Mahomes’ Brother Denied Access to Brittany Mahomes’ VIP Table in Viral Video

The Kansas City Chiefs prepare to take on the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII later today. As such, the entire family of Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes is, of course, gathered in Las Vegas for the event. It appears, however, that Mahomes’ brother, Jackson, and his wife, Brittany, might not be on the best of terms.

A few days ahead of the big game, Brittany Mahomes achieved a dream come true moment as a “2024 rookie” in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. To celebrate, Brittany brought her friends, as well as husband Patrick Mahomes, to Carversteak in Las Vegas Friday night.

“Everyone’s jaws dropped when [Brittany] walked in with her friends,” an insider told People. “And then again when Patrick later walked in to join the party in the private dining room.”

Following the private dinner, Brittany and her friends moved the celebration to a nightclub. Patrick Mahomes, already busy with Super Bowl preparations, did not attend. His brother, Jackson, was at the club, but a video originally posted on TikTok by OvertimeSzn appears to show him being turned away by Brittany Mahomes’ security guard.

Now, in fairness, it’s impossible to hear Jackson’s conversation with the security guard over the booming background noise of the club. It appears, however, that the Mahomes brother approached and asked a question, to which the guard responded by shaking his head.

Standing with friends close by, Brittany Mahomes watches the interaction, then shrugs and goes back to dancing.

Patrick Mahomes Roasted for ‘Embarrassing’ Interaction With Brittany

Whether he was actually denied access to Brittany Mahomes’ VIP table or not, the internet immediately pounced on the moment, roasting Jackson for being the black sheep of the Mahomes family.

“Jackson mahomes is that family member that no one wants to hang with but they feel obligated to invite,” one user snarked. “His own family doesn’t even fw him,” another said. “I didn’t think we could ever like Brittany but turns out all it takes is her not liking Jackson and I like her now,” admitted a third.

“She looks relived not to have to put up with him for one night. This is priceless!” one user wrote. “Brittany Mahomes redemption arc was not on my 2024 bingo card,” another said. “The ‘not my problem’ shrug,” joked another.