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Pat Sajak: See His Net Worth

Pat Sajak: See His Net Worth

Pat Sajak has been the host of Wheel of Fortune since 1981, it’s no wonder his net worth is spinning the wheel of impressiveness. During his tenure, Sajak has received 19 Daytime Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Game Show Host, triumphing in three of them.

The TV personality has a finance background. In 1968, Sajak served as a finance clerk during his deployment to Vietnam. It was during this time that he began his broadcasting career as a radio host. Leveraging his hosting skills and business acumen developed in the Army, the esteemed Wheel of Fortune host has amassed a considerable fortune.

According to the folks at Celebrity Net Worth, it seems Pat Sajak’s fortune comes to a cool $75 million. That’s enough to buy quite a few vowels.

How Did Pat Sajak Build His Net Worth?

This estimate is based on Sajak’s publicly announced salary of $15 million per season. However, it’s important to note that this figure reflects his earnings in 2016. In 2021, both Sajak and Vanna White extended their contracts through 2024, with Sajak also receiving a consulting producer credit. This not only suggests a potential raise, but it could also imply that he now shares in the show’s syndication rights.

However, the host’s net worth isn’t simply due to his time on Wheel of Fortune. Pat Sajak occasionally acts. In 1983, he appeared on Days of Our Lives as Kevin Hathaway. Since his success on Wheel of Fortune, he has played fictionalized versions of himself on shows like Fresh Off the Boat, The King of Queens, Rugrats, The A-Team, and The Larry Sanders Show. He even played a singing bust in 2021’s Muppet Haunted Mansion.

Additionally, Sajak has some serious real estate savvy. Reportedly, he scored a house in Baltimore for a cool $1.275 million back in ’91. Not stopping there, he also owns a swanky pad in Encino, Calif. Talk about a short commute to the Wheel! Sajak snagged that gem in ’88 for a smooth $1.8 million, but now it’s worth a jaw-dropping $5 million.

Pat Sajak’s affinity for his homes is just one indicator of his financial acumen. He embarked on his career in finance, serving the military, and still exercises fiscal prudence as if he were handling taxpayer funds. Taking to Twitter, Sajak proudly shared his knack for securing exceptional bargains. Although a now-deleted tweet, Sajak humorously quipped, “As a senior citizen and Vietnam veteran, employing coupons and participating in buyers’ clubs, I’ve stumbled upon several establishments that essentially pay me for every purchase.”