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‘Parent Trap’ Star Hayley Mills Recalls Fondest Memories With Walt Disney

‘Parent Trap’ Star Hayley Mills Recalls Fondest Memories With Walt Disney

Decades after starring in Walt Disney’s various masterpieces, including The Parent Trap and Pollyanna, actress Hayley Mills is opening up about her most cherished memories of the House of Mouse creator. 

When asked by Closer about Walt Disney, Mills described the famous film producer as being a very genuine human being. “[He was] a very real, warm, interested, curious, kind human being,” she explained. The long-time actress noted Disney loved children and had a “lovely” sense of humor. “He was really easy to talk to because he listened.”

Along with discussing Disney’s personality, Hayley Mills recalled spending time with him at Disneyland. “He walked everywhere and went on all the rides with us,” she gushed. “The bobsled ride, the Peter Pan ride, he even went on the teacups. It goes round and round, and most adults hate it because it makes them sick.” 

Mills previously spoke to Fox News Digital in 2021 about her first impression of Walt Disney after getting the lead role in Pollyanna. “He was so accessible,” she described Walt. Hayley continued by saying Walt was warm and friendly, tall but also a bit shy. “But I just remember him being a very sweet man. There was a tremendous sweetness to him that was just genuine. He had all these dreams with his films and Disneyland.”

In regards to the personal conversations she had with Disney, Mills added there was one that stuck to her. “He once told me, ‘I want to show people the best in themselves.’ And he did. When you look back at his films, they all have a tremendously powerful message about love, listening to your conscious, and being compassionate. And that studio reflected his personality.” 

Hayley Mills Reflects On Her Own Father’s Acting Successes & Advice 

After discussing Disney, Hayley Mills turned her attention to her exciting acting career. The now 77-year-old actress recalled the best advice her father, Sir John Mills, gave to her.

“He always said, ‘If you believe, they’ll believe, so just believe it,’” Mills declared. She also believes her father trusted her instincts when it came to acting and she learned how to behave as a professional by watching him. “I learned the importance about learning learning your lines, turning up on time, and treating people with courtesy. He was pragmatic about it because he was a star all his life.”  

John Mills was best known for his role in Ryan’s Daughter, Tunes of Glory, and Swiss Family Robinsons. He was named a Disney Legend by the Walt Disney Company. Along with her father, Hayley’s sister Juliet also went into acting.