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Noah Wyle’s Net Worth: How Much Did He Make as John Carter on ‘ER’?

Noah Wyle’s Net Worth: How Much Did He Make as John Carter on ‘ER’?

Noah Wyle took advantage of great fortune from his ER role and secured work, wealth, and prosperity. So, what is Noah Wyle’s net worth?

Getting a role like John Carter early in his career was a godsend. Born in 1971 in Hollywood, Wylie’s parents separated. Now, Wyle comes from an entrepreneurial and artistic family. Grandfather Frank Wyle founded the Craft and Folk Art Museum and Wyle Laboratories. Wyle’s grandmother established her cafe in Los Angeles.

While going to secondary school, he acted in plays. Wyle went to Northwestern University and got involved with its Theatre Arts program. After college, he worked with acting teacher Larry Moss and lived in an apartment on Hollywood Boulevard.

On ER, Noah Wyle and his net worth started going up by playing Carter in the show’s first 11 seasons. He returned for four episodes in Season 12 and five episodes in Season 15. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Wyle is worth $25 million. His ER salary was around $9 million, which breaks down to $900,000 per episode.

Noah Wyle Quite Happy With His Time on ‘ER’

In a 2019 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Wyle reflected on his time spent on the show. “I’m so proud,” he said. “We talk about inclusion and diversity in television now as being a new type of buzzword, but John Levey, our casting director, would put headshots of background actors out on the floor to make sure that he had a racial cosmology that would look indicative of what you would find in Chicago.

“We were really thoughtful about that,” Wyle said. “We were employing women as executive producers and writers and directors. We [helped] launch Mimi Leder’s directing career.”

Wyle also broadened his acting world into movies. They included A Few Good Men, Swing Kids, White Oleander, Donnie Darko, and The Californians. Noah Wyle and his net worth got a boost working on The Librarian franchise. He earned rave reviews for playing Steve Jobs in Pirates of the Silicon Valley. With his television work going well, Wyle could then slip into more stage work after ER wrapped up.

Leaving TV Show Proved To Be Easy Decision

In his interview, Wyle remembered quite clearly when he decided to leave ER. It was around the birth of one of his children, and he wanted to be there for that experience. Wyle expressed his gratitude his time on ER and for with working so many wonderful people. Returning to the show, though, allowed him to have a greater appreciation of his experience.

“It was great. It’s difficult to leave something that’s special,” he said. “So when you leave, you either leave because you have something more important, like a son, that is amazing. You go to a better opportunity or a film career like George (Clooney) has, or you leave angry because you’re not getting something that you want and you feel like you should have more, or something’s not working in your life. So there’s lots of different reasons to end a working relationship, but they’re not always the ones that you can live with.” 

As for his personal life, Wyle has been married twice. He was married to his first wife Tracy Warbin from 2000 to 2010. They had two children together. Then, in 2014, Wyle married Sara Wells and had another kid in 2015.

He has a 45-acre ranch in Santa Ynez, Calif., that used to be owned by actress Bo Derek. Wyle also has a home in Solvang, Calif. Noah Wyle’s net worth will keep rising as he works as an actor and director.