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Nicolas Cage Announces Retirement From Film: ‘I Want to Move On Now’

Nicolas Cage Announces Retirement From Film: ‘I Want to Move On Now’

Nicolas Cage has pretty much been a fixture in the world of movies for a long time, but he’s looking to leave it behind. Cage is truly thinking about getting away from movies. After all, he’s been in more than 100 movies. But he still has three or four movies to do before taking his exit.

“I feel that I’ve, at this point – after 45 years of doing this; that in over 100 movies – I feel I’ve pretty much said what I’ve had to say with cinema,” Cage said in an interview with Uproxx. “And I’d like to leave on a high note and say, ‘Adios.’ I think I have to do maybe three or four more movies before I can get there, and then hopefully switch formats and go into some other way of expressing my acting.”

Nicolas Cage Hopes To Leave On High Note

Among Cage’s movies include Leaving Las Vegas, Honeymoon in Vegas, Raising Arizona, and Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Sure, he has had hit movies. Then again, Cage’s movies sometimes drop off in popularity. The actor said he hoped his next release would be a big hit.

“I would’ve liked to have left on a high note, like ‘Dream Scenario,’” he said. “But I have other contracts that I have to fulfill, so we’ll see what happens. I am going to be very severe and very astringent on the selection process moving forward. But for me to do another movie, I do want to explore other formats.”

Television is one medium Cage has not been involved much outside of an occasional talk-show appearance. But don’t count him out. The Oscar winner said that he’s got some interest in getting involved with episodic television.

“I have seen things that can be done now with characters and the time they’re given to express themselves,” Cage said. “I saw Bryan Cranston stare at a suitcase for an hour on one episode of ‘Breaking Bad.’ We don’t have time to do that in a feature film, so maybe television is the next best step for me. We’ll see.”

Actor Is Thinking About Spending More Time With Family

Another factor that Cage is taking into account is his age. Cage is a father and wants to spend more time with his family and friends.

“I’m going to be 60 next month and my dad died at 75,” Cage said. “So it’s like, if I’m lucky, I have more years than he did, but I don’t know. And so what am I going to do with my next 15 years? Well, what’s important? What’s important is my children and I have a baby daughter.”

One movie that Cage recently finished is called Renfield, where he played a Dracula-like character. Throughout his career, Cage has been willing to take chances with different roles. Seeing what he could do on television would be interesting to see.