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Nickelodeon Star Kenan Thompson Opens Up About ‘Terrifying’ Memoir

Nickelodeon Star Kenan Thompson Opens Up About ‘Terrifying’ Memoir

Although he is ready to release his memoir When I Was Your Age, former Nickelodeon star Kenan Thompson admitted it was terrifying to get personal in the book. 

While promoting the book, Thompson told PEOPLE how rough it was to open up about his experiences over the years. “I’ve always been so performance-heavy,” he explained. “I haven’t had to do a whole lot of, ‘Let me explain where Kenan is now’ kind of stuff. Every interview is usually about the project or stuff like that. It’s rarely about me personally. This is the first time that I’m kind of offering all of that to people. It’s scary, but it’s cool.”

However, Kenan Thompson pointed out there were some memories that were easier to look back on. “It all depends on the timeline of how far away those memories are,” the SNL star continued. “Certain things just have to be told because I’ve never told them before, you know what I’m saying? So if you’re going to write a memoir, you might as well just lay it all out there.”

Thompson said his biggest takeaway from writing the memoir was learning that perspective is an interesting thing. 

Kenan Thompson Said Reuniting with Kel Mitchell For ‘Good Burger 2’ Brought Back Memories He Had Forgotten About 

As he continued to speak about his new memoir, Kenan Thompson stated being around Kel Mitchell for Good Burger 2 brought back some forgotten memories. 

“He keeps bringing up a lot of things from the past that I’ve forgotten,” Thompson said about Mitchell. “Or I had a different kind of perspective on.”

Thompson explained that Mitchell had reminded him of all kinds of things he should just be “on deck” in his memory. “because I was there. He’ll be like, ‘You don’t remember that? You don’t remember this?’”

Thompson previously spoke about how he and Mitchell rekindled their friendship after being distant from each other for numerous years. “It was just kind of seeking an individual establishment,” Thompson shared. “Because we were children when we met and then we grew into adults. We had yet to kind of discover what our adult life was like without work being involved.”

The SNL star went on to add that the friendship with his Good Burger co-star was never forced. “But you’re forced to go to work every day,” he continued. “You know what I’m saying? So we wanted a version where we were able to decide for ourselves what we were going to be doing and pursuing kind of thing.”