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Morgan Freeman Reveals Strange Reason He Never Leaves Home Without His Signature Hoop Earrings

Morgan Freeman Reveals Strange Reason He Never Leaves Home Without His Signature Hoop Earrings

Have you ever noticed that Morgan Freeman always wears the same pair of gold hoop earrings? There is a reason for that, and it has nothing to do with fashion.

The Oscar-winning actor has had pierced ears for decades, and he always dons the same pair of hoops. Because of that, fans have asked Morgan on countless occasions if they have a special meaning— and they do.

According to a 2019 Instagram post, the earrings are worth exactly enough to “buy a coffin” if Morgan Freeman were to “die in a strange place.” The practice is something that sailors adopted in the past, and they inspired Freeman to do the same.

The Shawshank Redemption actor explained in 2016 that he got the idea when he was a kid watching “a pirate movie with Burt Lancaster,” who was wearing an earring.

“I thought that was sexy,” he told Fox News. “Then I learned that sailors wore gold earrings to pay for funerals if they died in foreign lands. I’m a sailor, so that nailed it.”

Morgan Freeman picked up sailing as a hobby in his 30s, long before he became a full-fledged star. As of 2021, he owned three boats that he still uses to cruise around Nova Scotia, Cape Cod, and more. Freeman likes to escape on the water because it’s a “particularly effective antidote to healing from Hollywood.” 

Morgan Freeman’s Ex-Wife Got Him to Finally Pierce His Ears

Morgan Freeman didn’t actually get his first piercing until he was 35, despite wanting one since he was a child. While chatting with The Guardian, he explained that his ex-wife, Jeanette Adair Bradshaw, got him to get his first ear pierced when they separated.

And Freeman has since been in deadly situations where he thought his earrings would pay off.

He told the publication that he’s managed “to survive almost unsurvivable situations” by carefully learning his craft. But there have been turbulent moments at sea where he wasn’t so sure he’d make it. However, he says he’s not scared to meet his coffin during those times.

“There comes a moment when you think you may not get through, and in that moment there’s a peacefulness that settles over you, and you’re no longer afraid,” he explained. “That’s also the moment when you have to say, ‘I’m going to face this demon. I’m going to stand up and I’m going to do what I have to do.’ Not just by lying down and letting the sea wash over me, but by fighting it.”