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‘Mighty Ducks’ Alum Shaun Weiss Poses For Epic Picture Packed with 90s Stars While Celebrating Sobriety

‘Mighty Ducks’ Alum Shaun Weiss Poses For Epic Picture Packed with 90s Stars While Celebrating Sobriety

It takes a lot of help and support to get sober from addiction issues, something Mighty Ducks actor Shaun Weiss knows so well.

Weiss, who played Gary Goldberg in the Disney franchise Mighty Ducks films, celebrated four years of being clean and sober with some good friends.

Weiss put together a comedy concert, which was held at Corbin Bowl in Tarzana, Calif., on January 25. He had some fellow actors and comedians around to celebrate his big day. Among the 90s era stars there were Nate Richert from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Natanya Ross from The Secret World of Alex Mack, Michael Ray Bower from Salute Your Shorts, Thomas Ian Nicholas from American Pie, Marty York from The Sandlot, and others.

Shaun Weiss Receives Shoutout From Ryan Talmo

Ryan Talmo, a comedian and host of the big event, posted on Instagram that the time together was “emotional” and “something unbelievably amazing.”

“This is a night that 10-year-old Ryan would be blown away! Pure 90’s nostalgia,” Talmo said on Instagram. “But we all came together because we love Shaun and to see him healthy and living his life at his fullest. Every year is a celebration! Because you’re bringing everyone together. Happy 4 Birthday! Love you, sir!”

On his Instagram account, Mighty Ducks star Shaun Weiss posted some photos himself. He wrote in the caption, “The best Night! Thanks, old friends for coming out.”

Weiss also will be appearing in a horror movie soon titled Deformelody. On its Instagram account, the movie also celebrated Weiss’ sobriety milestone. The caption read, “Congratulations to our incredible cast member @shaunweiss who celebrated 4 years of sobriety!”

“We had a blast at his stand-up comedy celebration and enjoyed a night of laughs and 90s legends,” the caption read, according to People. “We are so proud of Shaun’s strength in his journey of sobriety and his presence in our film elevated the entirety of the project and made us work that much harder to make something special and worthy of time. (And) we cannot wait till the world sees him in this film. It’s like nothing he’s done before.”

Actor Has Been Very Open About Addiction Battle

Weiss has been quite open about his battle with heroin and methamphetamine. He talked about it as part of an Addiction Talk video back in 2022. Weiss said that it was “hard to see” photos of him in the depths of his disease. He said in the video that he “looked horrible and deathly.”

One of the side effects of being strung out on meth is a person might lose their teen. In Weiss’ case, this did happen. Yet during his time living in a sober living facility, someone gifted him new teeth.

Weiss also gave a shoutout to Quest 2 Recovery, a drug addiction treatment center. Upon reaching 45 months of continued sobriety in October, the treatment center posted a message on Instagram. It said that Weiss is a “living testament that recovery is possible.”

After his horror movie comes out, we don’t know what is next for Weiss. But he’s changed his life around so much in a positive way. It appears he will not have trouble living up to his next movie or TV show appearance.

For Mighty Ducks star Shaun Weiss, he’s got a new lease on life and it appears he’s staying very grateful about it.