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Mick Jagger Denies Rumors That Rolling Stones Bandmate Charlie Watts Suited Up and Punched Him

Mick Jagger Denies Rumors That Rolling Stones Bandmate Charlie Watts Suited Up and Punched Him

Years after Keith Richards stated that late Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts punched Mick Jagger during a night of drinking in Amsterdam, Jagger is finally getting to share his side of the story. 

Richards detailed the situation in his 2010 memoir Life. The band had been in Amsterdam for its 1984 tour. Mick Jagger, who had been completely drunk, called Watts’ hotel room and declared, “Where’s my drummer?” 

Watts, who had been just hanging out in his room at the time, wasn’t having any of Jagger’s shenanigans. He supposedly got up, shaved, dressed up in a suit, and walked upstairs to meet Jagger. Without much warning, Watts allegedly punched The Rolling Stones frontman in the face and said, “Don’t ever call me your drummer again. You’re my f—ing singer!”

More than a decade after the story surfaced in Richards’ diary, Mick Jagger declared during a new interview with Mojo that the whole incident actually never happened. “Didn’t happen,” Jagger told the publication. “No, not at all. Keith invested that story.”

Mick Jagger acknowledged that Watts was, in fact, annoyed as well as very drunk and wound up. “But there were so many people there,” Jagger said. “So many people between me and Charlie, and it never came to blows.” 

However, Jagger did laugh at the part when Watts supposedly knocked him onto a table of smoked salmon. The incident supposedly almost sent the singer flying out of a nearby open hotel window. “A table full of smoked salmon! That’s a good one. How about we go one better? I turned into a smoked salmon and dived out the window? Yeah, that’s what really happened.”

Mick Jagger Recently Opened Up About His Friendship With Charlie Watts

NME reports that during an interview last month, Mick Jagger got candid about his long-time friendship with Charlie Watts.“I knew him since I was 19,” Jagger recalled. “And I hung out a lot with Charlie. He was one of my close friends.”

Mick Jagger also said that he and Charlie Watts had a lot of interests outside of just playing in Rolling Stones. “We loved football and cricket. Charlie and I used to go to cricket a lot. Charlie’s very knowledgeable about [football]. He used to play football as a kid. He was pretty good. Much better than me.” 

Along with football, Jagger pointed out that Watts liked beautiful objects as well as antiques and furniture. “So we talked. a lot about things like that.”

Meanwhile, The Rolling Stones is planning to release its new album Hackney Diamonds later this week. Watts, who passed away in 2021, is set to be featured in two tracks.