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Melissa Joan Hart Reveals Favorite Role of Her Career

Melissa Joan Hart Reveals Favorite Role of Her Career

Nearly 40 years after she started her acting career, Melissa Joan Hart reflects on her various roles over the years. This includes her ultimate favorite role. 

While speaking to First For Women, Hart revealed that her role in the comedy sitcom Melissa & Joey is her favorite role. She starred on the show with fellow ‘90s teen star Joey Lawrence. “Melissa from Melissa & Joey was my favorite because she was flawed in every wonderful that an actor wants to play. She wasn’t a bad girl, but she wasn’t a good girl either.” 

When asked about her most intense role, Melissa Joan Hart mentioned her 2023 Lifetime thriller, Would You Kill For Me? “In regards to Would You Kill For Me?, I never studied or knew a lot about the different kinds of abuse people suffer from,” she explained. “To learn about that was eye-opening for me because I wanted to learn everything about my character’s backstory so I could bring her to life.” 

As she reflected on her career, Hart spoke about how she’s learned how to balance her busy acting schedule and keeping up with her family. She shares her three sons, Mason, Braydon, and Tucker with her husband Mark Wilkerson. 

“It’s hard, because I am a people pleaser, and I often don’t say no to things,” she admitted. “But I am trying to get better at it, especially around the holidays.”

Melissa Joan Hart Spoke About Who Gave Her Sound Advice

Meanwhile, Melissa Joan Hart reflected on the two people she’s worked with who gave her the best support.

“I learned the greatest lessons from two women I worked with on Sabrina,” Hart said. “Eryne Krueger Mekash in makeup and Kimberly Engleman in wardrobe. They taught me how to be an adult by helping me find a refrigerator, a mattress, how to shop, and how to write thank you notes.”

Melissa Joan Hart further explained that Mekash and Engleman’s “coming-of-age” lessons were nothing she had a clue about. “They were always by myself chaperoning me through the process,” she said about the two women. 

Hart then spoke about how her sons learned about different cultures while supporting the cause. “My children didn’t understand how people living in Zambia don’t have clean water or a faucet to get water from. Instead, they get their water from a watering hole that is often shared by pigs living nearby.”

Hart went on to reflect on how one of her sons made a child’s day by giving them a soccer ball. “The look on this child’s face was priceless,” she recalled. “That ball was like the best thing that ever happened to him”.

She added that her sons saw the child’s entire face light up brighter than a Christmas tree.