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Melissa Etheridge Opens Up About Losing Her Son to Opioid Addiction

Melissa Etheridge Opens Up About Losing Her Son to Opioid Addiction

More than three years after her son, Beckett Cypher, died at the age of 21 from an opioid addiction, Melissa Etheridge opens up about how she is still grieving the loss. 

During her recent appearance on the Making Space with Hoda Kotb podcast, Etheridge shared her approach to grieving the loss of her son. “You’ve got the light in the dark and the positive and the negative… the good and the bad. Yet it’s all one thing, and that one thing is love. When I lost my son, I learned how much my capacity for love was.”

Melissa Etheridge also spoke about how she fought to love herself enough to not into a major depression as well as guilt and shame. “With so many families that lose loved ones to opioid addiction, just the shame is too big,” she continued. “It’s huge. So, I had to believe that… there’s an over-surrounding love to everything. Everything is love.”

Etheridge reflected on her son’s passing and said the grieving process can be rough on her at times. “There can be days where the shadow comes on me. And I find myself thinking, ‘Oh, what if? What if I had done this? What if I had only done that?’ And that doesn’t serve me, and it causes me pain. So, my practice is to go, ‘No… he has gone from this physical world… he is part of that larger nonphysical space.’”

Melissa Etheridge added she feels her son’s presence the most right when she first wakes up in the mornings. 

Melissa Etheridge Says She Still Feels Her Late Father’s Presence 

Along with speaking about her son, Melissa Etheridge spoke about how she feels her late father is still watching over her. She noted that she lost him when she was just 30 years old. 

“I’d already been kind of pulling on his energy and asking that,” she explained. “And so, you know, I really feel surrounded. So, I call it talking to my angels.”

Also speaking about her memoir Talking to My Angels, Melissa Etheridge said she titled the book that for a unique reason. “Because that energy, those lives, those souls that I have known that have been a part of my heart, are still supporting me.”

Etheridge shared Beckett with her former partner, Julie Cypher. Etheridge and Cypher have a daughter named Bailey as well. Etheridge is also a mother of twins with actress, Tammy Lynn Michaels.