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Meg Ryan Shares Hilarious Throwback Pic with ‘When Harry Met Sally’ Co-Star Carrie Fisher: LOOK

Meg Ryan Shares Hilarious Throwback Pic with ‘When Harry Met Sally’ Co-Star Carrie Fisher: LOOK

Meg Ryan recently recounted a wild vacation she took with her When Harry Met Sally costar, Carrie Fisher nearly 20 years ago. During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Sleepless in Seattle icon, who is both the director and star of the upcoming romantic comedy What Happens Later, shared an interesting anecdote. She revealed that she had the honor of being Fisher’s official photographer when she and her family visited a charming fishing town in Newfoundland back in 2005.

Turns out, Carrie Fisher was writing an article about the town for the New York Times. “Carrie wanted to do a piece on Napoleon surrendering to the British historical reenactment in Dildo, so we did that,” Ryan recounted Kimmel. “We shopped a lot. We got merch. I got a t-shirt with a big happy face and then the name of the town underneath.” You can see the photo in question in the clip below.

Is that all you bought?” Kimmel quipped. This got a chuckle from her What Happens Later costar David Duchovny, who was also a guest. Ryan exclaimed, “That’s all I bought! That’s all I’ve got!”

However, Kimmel revealed he too, had a connection to Dildo. “I named myself honorary mayor of the town and they’re very nice so they said okay,” the host offered. That said, Meg Ryan had more expertise with Dildo than the late-night host. It turns out, Kimmel has never been, citing the grueling flights to get there.

Meg Ryan Couldn’t Resist Sharing Another Detail of her Trip with Carrie Fisher

When Duchovny commented on the town’s whereabouts, Ryan clarified that it is situated near the “Bay of Conception”. The Innerspace star couldn’t resist adding another detail via Carris Fisher. “Carrie, in the piece, says the town across the way is [named] Spread Eagle.” However, Ryan did caution that Fisher’s note may have been tongue in cheek.

As Dildo’s mayor, Kimmel promoted the town and boosted local tourism. He installed large letters in the hills spelling out “Dildo,” reminiscent of the iconic Hollywood sign. “Now people come from thousands of miles around to photograph themselves in front of that sign,” Kimmel claimed. Duchovny shot back, “You must be so proud.” As of yet, Kimmel’s duties as mayor of Dildo stop there.

Regardless, Meg Ryan is happy with the time she spent in Dildo with Carrie Fisher. “It’s worth going!” she insisted. “Even three flights in.”