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‘When Harry Met Sally’ Star Meg Ryan: See Her Net Worth

‘When Harry Met Sally’ Star Meg Ryan: See Her Net Worth

Meg Ryan has a career that spans over four decades and was dubbed “America’s Sweetheart.” Still, her net worth may surprise you. She found remarkable success in romantic comedies, consistently delivering hits that earned her a substantial $10-15 million per film. She was frequently paired with equally popular leading men such as Tom Hanks, Billy Crystal, and Russell Crowe.

The Rob Reiner directed When Harry Met Sally in 1989 catapulted Meg Ryan to international stardom. This success paved the way for a series of hit romantic comedies, including 1993’s Sleepless in Seattle and 1998’s You’ve Got Mail, both opposite Tom Hanks.

At Her Peak, Meg Ryan Made $15 Million a Film

During this era, Ryan commanded an impressive salary. According to CelebrityNetworth.com, she’s held on to a staggering chunk of that rom-com wealth. The outlet lists her net worth currently at $85 million.

In 1994, Ryan earned $5 million for her role in the historical comedy I.Q. In 1998, she received a hefty paycheck of $8.5 million for her performance in City of Angels. That same year, she was offered a staggering $10.5 million to star in You’ve Got Mail. With total earnings of $19 million in 1998, she solidified her position as one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. Adjusted for inflation, that would be equivalent to earning $30 million in today’s money.

In the 2000s, Ryan earned $15 million per film for Proof of Life and Kate & Leopold. Between 1994 and 2002, her peak career period, Meg Ryan earned over $60 million in film salaries, before adjusting for inflation.

Ryan Shifts to Independent Film and Directing

After her succuss in romantic comedies and high-profile fare, the actress moved to more personal projects. Meg Ryan starred in Jon Kasdan’s 2007 indie film In the Land of Women. She played Sarah Hardwicke, a mother and wife battling breast cancer, who forms a connection with her younger neighbor’s grandson, portrayed by Adam Brody. In 2008, Ryan starred in The Women, a remake of the 1939 production. The all-female cast includes Annette Bening, Debra Messing, and Jada Pinkett Smith. In 2009, Ryan starred in the indie comedy film Serious Moonlight with Kristen Bell and Justin Long.

In 2015, Ryan directed her debut film Ithaca, a drama based on William Saroyan’s novel The Human Comedy. Filmed in Petersburg, Virginia, it starred Ryan and premiered at the Middleburg Film Festival. Meg Ryan is also appearing in the upcoming romantic comedy What Happens Later, alongside David Duchovny, which she also directed.