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Matthew Perry’s Heartfelt Tribute to ‘Friends’ Co-Stars Goes Viral Following Actor’s Death

Matthew Perry’s Heartfelt Tribute to ‘Friends’ Co-Stars Goes Viral Following Actor’s Death

While Friends fans continue to emotionally digest the sudden death of Friends star Matthew Perry, an emotional clip from the hit show’s 2021 reunion shows how much the late 54-year-old actor really loved his castmates. 

During the reunion, Perry reflected on his friendship with the rest of the Friends stars and how the relationships between each of the castmates didn’t end when the cameras stopped rolling. “The best I can describe it, after the show was over, if we were at a party and one of us bumped into each other, that was it,” the actor explained. “That was the end of the night.”

Matthew Perry noted that once the co-stars saw each other out and about, they would just sit with each other for the rest of the night. “You apologized to the people you were with but they had to understand,” he continued. “You met somebody special to you and you were going to talk to that person for the rest of the night.” 

Courteney Cox, whose Friends character “Monica Gellar” was married to Perry’s “Chandler Bing,” definitely agreed with the actor’s emotional statement. “It’s so true,” she said, fighting back tears. 

Matthew Perry was reportedly found dead in a jacuzzi inside his Los Angeles area home on Saturday (October 28th). Authorities have opened an investigation. No foul play was reported nor were there any illicit drugs in the late actor’s home.

Matthew Perry Once Said He Almost Missed Out on Playing Chandler on ‘Friends’ 

During a 2015 guest appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Matthew Perry revealed how he almost missed out on the role of Chandler Bing on Friends. Prior to landing the role, Perry said that was scrambling to find work. This was after his “terrible” manager stated he had “no money.”

“So I called my agent and said, ‘You’ve got to get me any job, any job you can,’” he recalled. “This happened to be the year that Friends was shot.”

However, Matthew Perry stated he was “off the market” because he had taken a job on a show, LAX 2194. The show was about baggage handlers at the Los Angeles Airport in the year 2194. Thankfully, a script for a show, which was then called Friends Like Us, landed on his lap. 

“It was hilarious and great,” Perry gushed. “There was this part that was perfect for me and it was making me crazy that I couldn’t go up for it because [of] the baggage handler show. I was losing my mind.” Eventually, TV execs who watched LAX 2194 thought it was horrible. The show didn’t even make it to pilot. Matthew Perry shared that he was eventually free to pursue the role of Chandler.