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Matthew Perry Was in ‘Extremely Good Spirits’ Before Death, Close Friend Reveals 

Matthew Perry Was in ‘Extremely Good Spirits’ Before Death, Close Friend Reveals 

One of the last people who spoke to Matthew Perry before his unexpected death is now sharing details on how the late Friends star acted during their interaction. 

Athenna Crosby, whom Perry described as “the Number 1 Girl” to him, was photographed having dinner with the late actor the night before he was discovered dead in his jacuzzi. She shared in her Instagram Stories that Perry was in “extremely good spirits” and talked “enthusiastically” about what he had coming up in his life. “He was so happy and vibrant,” Crosby said. 

Crosby also said that she was devastated by Matthew Perry’s death, but felt it was in poor taste to about it publicly as the attention should not be on her but rather on him and his legacy. “He was an extremely private person and I always respected that in our friendship.”

Along with speaking out about her final interaction with Perry, Crosby also shared a snapshot featuring a copy of the late actor’s memoir Friends, Lovers, and the Terrible Thing. He wrote in her copy that she was his Number 1 Girl. 

TMZ further reports that despite the speculation, Crosby and Perry were just friends. They had met through a mutual friend a few months ago. She then pointed out that Perry had been excited about losing weight and was looking forward to playing pickleball the next day. 

Matthew Perry reportedly passed away on Saturday (October 28th) in the jacuzzi of his Los Angeles area home. He was 54 years old at the time of his death. The situation is currently being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department.

‘Friends’ Creator Marta Kauffman Says She Was Concerned About Matthew Perry’s Sobriety Prior to His Death 

During an interview on Today, Friends creator Marta Kauffman said she was concerned about Matthew Perry and his sobriety during the shooting of the show’s 2021 reunion special. “I was concerned about him, knowing that he’d been through everything he’d been through,” she explained. “And every time he had surgery, they’re giving him opioids for pain and the cycle starts over again.”

However, Kauffman said when she spoke to Perry two weeks ago, the actor was doing great. “He seemed better than I’d seen in a while. I was so thrilled to see that. He was emotionally in a good place.”

Kauffman pointed out that Matthew Perry looked good and quit smoke. She noted that he was also sober at the time. When she found out about Perry’s death, Kauffman’s first impulse was to text him. “And then deep sadness. So much sadness. It’s hard to grasp.”

Kauffman went on to say that you just never know when something like this will happen. “You know, one minute he’s here and happy, and then poof,” she added. “And doing good in the world, really doing good in the world.”