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Matt LeBlanc: All About the ‘Friends’ Star’s Family, Children

Matt LeBlanc: All About the ‘Friends’ Star’s Family, Children

Matt LeBlanc has had some time to get used to his fame and success with Friends, yet he came from a pretty solid background. LeBlanc was born in Newton, Massachusetts, on July 25, 1967. Paul LeBlanc, his father, spent time working as a marine diesel mechanic. Patricia LeBlanc, his mother, was an office manager. She worked in the field of manufacturing circuit breakers.

From what we can find out, it looks like LeBlanc has a half-brother named Justin. His parents would get a divorce in 1974. Then, LeBlanc would be raised by his mother pretty much all the time. It kind of appeared that Matt would also head down the road and become a blue-collar man. But that didn’t happen.

Matt spent his high school years at Newton North High School, where he graduated in 1985, according to The Famous People. LeBlanc would split the scene and head down to Florida for a bit. He tried his hand at modeling, but it wasn’t his cup of tea.

Matt LeBlanc Takes Drama Classes In New York City

Acting, though, proved to be something that he wanted to do. So, it’s goodbye Florida, and hello New York City. He would take some drama classes in the Big Apple. They would lead to LeBlanc picking up some work here and there. All roads, from this point on, would lead LeBlanc into the very rich, deep waters of Friends.

But it was a real drag. LeBlanc had some really tough shows in his acting career. For instance, the Fox smash hit Married… With Children had a spin-off titled Top of the Heap. LeBlanc played Vinnie Verducci opposite Joseph Bologna. Critics were not kind to this show and it was dumped after seven episodes. He was in another seven-episode series, this one was titled Vinnie and Bobby.

Yet, as we said, all roads would eventually lead to the behemoth Friends. Success found its way through LeBlanc’s front doors. Romance would as well.

He married model Melissa McKnight in 2003. She already had two children from a previous relationship, Jacki and Tyler. But they had a daughter named Marina Pearl. Eventually, though, the couple separated in 2006 and would get a divorce.

Soon after the official split, LeBlanc dated actress Andrea Anders. They reportedly split in 2015. LeBlanc would start to date Aurora Mulligan back in 2018. The couple reportedly split up in 2020, but that’s not been confirmed.

There have been times throughout LeBlanc’s career when tabloids have addressed his health. Each time, LeBlanc handled the onslaught of press with humor and grace. I don’t think I could handle that much scrutiny.