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‘M*A*S*H’ Star Elliott Gould Once Told Elvis to Step Away From the Spotlight

‘M*A*S*H’ Star Elliott Gould Once Told Elvis to Step Away From the Spotlight

Back in the 1970s, Elliott Gould was a rising star thanks to movies like M*A*S*H and his marriage to Barbra Streisand. There are some perks that do come along after a period of time. For Elliott Gould, one of them definitely was meeting Elvis Presley.

But the King did not want anyone telling him what to do. Even if it was a Hollywood-elite star like Gould.

One night, Gould went to Presley’s concert in Las Vegas. Once it was done, he asked if he and a friend could meet Presley backstage.

He talked about his visit with Fox News. Gould also told Fox News he advised Elvis to seek time to himself — away from his father, Vernon, and his manager, Colonel Tom Parker. “He said, ‘Hey, man, you’re crazy.’ I said, ‘I ain’t crazy, Elvis. I’m scared, just like you. Your daddy and the Colonel aren’t going to let us be alone for too long. You’re a cash cow to these people,” Gould said.

Elliott Gould Could See Through Elvis’ Struggles

The M*A*S*H star also saw through Elvis’ struggles behind the cameras and glamor. “Why don’t you come out and just be free, just be a free spirit? Leave Elvis here and come out and be free,” Gould told the Jailhouse Rock singer. Elvis Presley ignored Elliott Gould’s pleas and died not long after in 1977.

“I had always wanted to meet Elvis,” the 85-year-old said. “I was deeply involved in musical comedy. (And) I was a chorus boy on Broadway — I was brought up and trained that way. So I asked if we could arrange for me to come and meet Elvis… and I got it.”

Presley also happened to ding Gould, too. Elvis could not understand why Elliott Gould divorced Streisand. “He said to me, ‘Why did you and Barbra break up?’ You’re two of my favorite people,’” Gould said. Well, the actor had quite the retort to fire back at the King of Rock ‘n Roll. “I said, ‘Shut up, Elvis.’”

Gould has had quite a career. Besides M*A*S*H, other people might remember him from the movie Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice.

Gould Shows Up in ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ Movies

In recent years, he’s had a recurring role in the updated Ocean’s Eleven series of movies. Fans of the TV show Friends know that he’s appeared on there, too.

Elliott Gould and Streisand got divorced in 1971. Both actors were riding high with very successful careers. Yet they were not able to make their marriage last.

These days, Gould will take on an acting role here and there. But he stays busy with his life beyond the glitz and glamor of movies.

Meanwhile, Streisand has gone on to have a very successful marriage to actor James Brolin. Her movie and music careers continue to bring work her way. As far as we know, both Gould and Streisand have remained cordial over these many years.