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Martha Stewart Officially Pulls the Plug on Thanksgiving

Martha Stewart Officially Pulls the Plug on Thanksgiving

Enough is enough for Martha Stewart… at least in terms of Thanksgiving dinner. The longtime Queen of Home Living and Cooking has decided to pull the plug on her Turkey Day plans after one of her holiday dinner guests called in sick. 

During her recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Stewart revealed the unfortunate details about the former Thanksgiving dinner plans. “I gave up Thanksgiving,” she stated. “I canceled. Nine guests canceled because somebody got sick. So… I called up my chef friend and I said, ‘We’re not doing Thanksgiving.’” 

The 82-year-old entrepreneur further admitted that she has no desire to cook at all. “I’ve also cooked 14 turkeys already for my TV show,” she explained. “And I still have to [cook] one more turkey on the Today show. So forget it.” 

While telling Clarkson that she’s officially “turkey’ed out,” Martha Stewart did say she has a backup plan for the holiday. “Friends, of course, invited me to their home, so I’m going to about five different homes to taste different courses.” 

Clarkson went on to joke that if Stewart was coming to her house, she would for sure lie and say she cooked it and have someone else make it. 

Martha Stewart Reveals How to Throw a Holiday Party 

Although she’s not throwing her own holiday party this year, that doesn’t mean she’s not ready to share her secrets with other party planners. 

During an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Stewart shared some great ideas for how others celebrate the holiday season. “Well, you have to decorate; a theme always helps,” she explained. “I’m not having it this year, because my family’s going away for Christmas, but generally we have a very large open house and everybody gets invited. I have several little houses on my property and we decorate all of them and have food in one, desserts in another, that kind of thing. And of course, we have a Santa Claus.”

Martha Stewart also shared what’s planning to give as gifts this holiday season. “I saved up some really good books for people that I like. And I’ve saved up a few trinkets from India and from Iceland; I got some great stuff in Iceland.”

Stewart went on to say that she always makes homemade things for the holidays as well. “I haven’t started baking yet,” she added. “But I do a lot of baking around Christmas too.”